23 April 2010


Well.. I am feeling alot better and thanks for your very kind words..
First a HUGE shout out to   Cindylew  (IT's HER BIRTHDAY).. and she is getting ready for her big day on Monday (she's getting banded)!! Quick recovery!! 
If you get a chance pleaase stop by her blog and send her best wishes!!

OK.. I don't know what got into me, but I ate a whole slice of pizza.. I didn't want to eat it... but that bubbling cheese called my name.. So obviously if I can eat a slice of pizza, I must not be at my pick restriction point.. in a week I will be heading for vacation.. so we will see how well I do.. I scheduled my next appointment when I get back..

So... now on to the questions...

Drazil, Drazil... we love your questions

1. Name a career you would NOT like to do and why.   A port-a-pottie, johnny-on-the-spot, portable outhouse cleaner or emptier. 
   I can not go in them at all, and then to have to clean them or empty all of that crap would surely make me vomit.  And we all know we should not vomit with our band.

2. What's the best present you have ever received for your birthday?
     I have received some lovely gifts for my birthday, so I don't want to be remiss, but I would have to say my best birthday's where when my girls made my birthday cake.. just knowing the love that went in to make that cake perfect.. warmed my heart and made me smile. 

3. What do you hide behind?
  Fear of failure. No one would know that.. Because I have never shown the face of failure... I will do whatever it takes to succeed and  go the extra mile, make the extra effort, do one more thing  (or many things) more than necessary to ensure that what I do is right.  That is the frustrating part, I am in control of every aspect of my life EXCEPT my weight.. I could not even accept that I fail at weight loss, hence the surgery.. I even thought that if the band failed I would do a conversion to bypass.  I always feel I need a back up plan.

4. Where were you born?
   ah.. I was born in  Philadelphia, PA ... on  a very snowy day.. my mother remembers it well.
5. What comment or commenter spoke to you this week?
hmm.. I would have to say Band Babes pictures of her tummy tuck.. it amazed me... and now I am fixated on that TT.


  1. Sorry to hear you have been unwell...I am so behind on blogs!!!! I loved that TT too....I want one. I am now following Cindy's blog too

  2. Great answers....and BandBabe looks great huh? She makes me think about how mine was and how grateful I am. Good luck if you decide to do it.