23 April 2010

It's Friday..It's Friday.. It's Friday...


Well the scale did not move for me this morning; but on the other hand, I didn't have any movement.. and we all know that a good movement can bring home around 3lbs.

I am finding that I have little appetite during the day and can focus on protein rich foods, but by dinner time I am ready to eat something a bit more substantial and that the dinner meal holds me over just fine till the next day (which means no urge to snack or nibble) which is good.

Last night I had steamed vegetables and a few pieces of filet mignon and a piece of bruschetta..(WHAT).. I don't know why.. I thought for sure I would get stuck on that but I didn't .. and it was so good.

I did a calorie estimate yesterday and I am coming in just around 1000.. and I guess that my fat grams are staying around 25g.  I did that more for a reality check.. and don't want to focus on counting (although it does provide good info for ensuring you are  hitting your protein marks, which I think are important).

Drazil asked some pretty hard questions this week, and I am still thinking through (my heart and soul) how I can honestly answer them.  Especially the one of "What are you hiding behind".. really really thought proviking. 

With that, I don't want to take up any more of your time (kind of a boring post)..


  1. Answer when you can....they were hard this week weren't they? Smooches love!

  2. Hope things are a bit brighter today.
    I haven't yet but will definitely catch up on that other blog you sent me, over the weekend.
    Keep smilin'