06 April 2010

New Life Rules....

No real band news to share.  I am still searching for answers on my eye issue and now have an appt with a retinol specialist (good grief).
My next fill is 22 April.  I am ready.. I still have some restriction, so I am not complaining.

But what I did want to write about today is some soul searching I have been exploring over the last week or so.

I have a new set of challenges for myself and to get myself going I have laid out a new set of Life Rules..

First - No more diets. 
I am banded and that's that.  I willl eat what I want, as long as it goes down with out me sliming away. I don't care if I lose a pound a week or a pound a month.  I am losing and that's all that counts.  No more WL goals.  It is what it is..

Second - Simplify Life.  And estabish better Life/Work balance. 
I do a terrible job at this.. My job is all consuming.  Yes I need my job, benifits and all of the other perk crap that comes along with it, but why do I have to work with so many A-holes and so many hours into the evening?  Only I know this answer, but still I need to remind myself there are only so many hours on earth that we get, and do I want to spend my dwindling balance arguing with a bunch of A-holes??  Hell no.. I need to be in charge with how I choose to  exert my energy and it's not going to be arguing with A-holes at work.

Third - Get Rid of Stuff - 
I have too much stuff.. why do we need to accumulate so much stuff.  And then we buy things to store the stuff in and then never remember to use the stuff we have.  This goes for many things in my life, clothes, cars, house items (how many set of king size bed sheets do I need to have in my closet).  It's time to liquidate and get rid of stuff.

Fourth - Live in the Moment - 
I spend alot of time planning (for tomorrow,  next year, next life).. so much so I forget to enjoy today.. So why not live in the here and now and enjoy the current moment.  Have you ever been around people who just seem to live in the moment? It is a true delight.   They seem to connect with  you, with what you are saying and are not preoccupied with what they want to say and be heard saying.  Living in the Moment means really connecting with what you are doing (and finding joy in it even when its not enjoyable).  A drive home in traffic can be crappy or you can make it enjoyable by putting on favorite music.  It's what you make it.. Life doesn't owe you..

So there you have it.. not exciting to read, but it is what has been  on my mind and now I have put it into words.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the terrifc weather.. (wear your sunglasses and sunscreen or you will get wrinkltes and cataracts)...  Be well


  1. Love your Rules. I am trying to implement the same rules - especially the no diets and the no more clutter/junk rules. Time to liquidate for sure. I am looking forward to getting rid of a whole bunch of stuff this weekend and really organizing!

    I was at the eye doc yesterday for an infection. No cataracts (yet), but I was thinking of you...Feel better.

  2. These are GREAT rules. I think I am a "Live in the moment' person - I'm constantly trying to get my husband to do the same. It's much more fun I say!

  3. Great post. I decluttered years ago, but over Easter found a whole bunch of "gramma" plates and serving dishes-got to pass those on.

    About work-I'm in a similar job with morons but at least they can't make me work overtime. No one ever said on their death bed, I wish I had worked more-Usually they wish they had spent more time with family.

    These aren't really rules but just some ways to clear out our lives so other good things can move in. So glad you have another eye doctor appt.

  4. Yes, yes, yes, yes!
    Eat food.
    Work is not life.
    Enjoy RIGHT now.

    Will you post this about once a week, so I won't forget? THIS IS REALLY GOOD ADVICE.

  5. Great rules for all of us!
    I need to work on that simplifying one...

  6. awesome post. i think you are on the right track. i think the band is about finding the right balance of a lot of things in our lives after being consumed for so many years by food, diets and health.

  7. This sounds like some very healthy thinking - I'm so sorry to hear about your eyes - I have terrible terrible vision - without corrective lenses, I'm actually legally blind. But they can correct this, although you will have some unpleasantness. Hey, an excuse to have cool sunglasses! Or just scare children.

  8. Great post - great rules. Love your attitude!