07 April 2010

How Many Times Must I Slime on Pita Chips before....

I realize I can not eat them anymore!!!  It is definitely not a band friendly food for me.  I must enjoy gagging and sliming, why else would I torture myself like this.  And where the hell does that slime come from?? I mean lots.. I know this is gross, but perhaps if I come clean on my blog it will sink in.

I find it amazing I can eat foods that I think might cause me getting stuck (and nothing). I can still eat a slice of pizza (you would think that dough and cheese combo would cause some congestion) but no, it just passes through fine.

SIGH!!  Enough on this topic.
Ok on to my New Rules..
"Living  in the Moment" has turned out to be a wonderful rule for me.  Part of what I am doing to realize this rule is actually listening and communicating to people I engage with during the day.  I am actually finding what they say to be interesting..instead of thinking "yeah, yeah, get to the point"  or what's next on my calendar or who can I blow off today.. I work with alot of Time Vampires.. You know the kind of people that suck the life out of you..

One final thought..
So happy to see Baseball is back.. GO PHILS... heading out to the home opener on Monday with my DH and Dad..



  1. I've had a couple of unpleasant incidents with pita chips too. I have to say, I kinda miss crackers and pretzels and pita chips. Sigh. Oh well, all in good time.

    Have FUN at the Phillies game!

  2. You have no idea how many times I've eaten Stacey's pita chips and gotten stuck - luckily I don't PB. I finally have given up on them.

  3. I love pita chips!!! I have to take small bites and let it disolve in my mouth before swallowing. Those and bagel chips... can be dangerous, but somehow I manage... I can get really full on 2 or 3 because it takes so long to get them down.

  4. I love your new rules. In fact your post on the rules made my post of the week. I pick out a post each day, that I want to go back and re-read. Then on Thursday, I post the one from the past week that I figure was the most thought-provoking for me. You'll see it on my blog under the Shirley Temple lollipop award.

    Thanks for making us think. And now I have a new term "Time Vampires".