08 April 2010

My Big Adventure Starts Tomorrow Bright and Early..

Ok.. I just got the call from the hospital, I am to report at 6:15 AM. (ugh, do they realize what I look like at 6 in the morning!!!).  Now I know they are not going to be looking at my face, but geez let me have a little respect for what I do have going on for myself.

I am dreading this (endo ablation and a few other little things to fix). First of all you are knocked out, second you don't know what they are saying.  I can only imagine the conversation goes like this.. " WHOA.. let's get those chops up in the air".. "Yeooow.. a little more light".  

God I hope I don't fart.. I have been so gassy today.. I can just imagine if I did they would all look around and then point at me.

So just in case there is a chance .. I am trying to eat so light just in case..

Ok.. enough of that.. Still focusing on my NEW RULES and I continue to devoid my selff of my TOO MUCH STUFF.. and am cleaning out the closet.. Why am I holding on to my lime green shift dress from the 80's.. It's gone, not even Sisterhood worthy..

So there you have it..


  1. Oh Barbara, that doesn't sound fun. Although I don't mind being put to sleep too much. A nap is a nap, in my mind, lol.

    Good luck, I hope all goes smoothly for you and you're resting comfortably at home in no time.


    PS You are not going to fart.

  2. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. I love a good drug nap! By the way if you happen to fart no one will say a word, they will all act like it didn't happen and just keep going.

  3. Oh God - we're all haunted by the farting aren't we? Just be like me - only fart rainbow Skittles. You're going to do great!

  4. I have tears streaming down my face from laughing. That is so funny about worrying about a fart. I had to google endo ablation to see why you would be in the hospital.

    As a nurse, I used to go into rooms and almost faint. We would ALWAYS tell the patients to just let it out because gas pains can be worse than all other pains. The men always did a much better job farting than the ladies tooting.

    Hope all goes well for you. Will be thinking good thoughts. And do, go ahead and toot (because only men fart).

  5. So sorry to hear about your procedure. I too had this problem, but I chose to have a Hysterectomy!! I am glad that I did.

    I am also so shocked to hear about the Cataracts! You are too young to have to worry about this! I am several years older than you are! And I don't want to even think about them yet.

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Don't worry about passing gas, I am sure it happens all the time, they are used to it!


  6. Good luck tomorrow Barbara! I hope you have no gas issues and if you do at least you're nocked out!
    take care!

  7. I'm sure you, like me, toot roses! Good luck1

  8. lol I hear you on the fart thing. It's like our worst nightmare come true!
    Good luck for tomorrow, Barb. We will be thinking of you. xxx

  9. Best of luck to you tomorrow. You've got a lot of people thinking of you which I know - somewhere in the universe - it always makes things better! I am so in tune with your posts a few days back. I too am in the middle of two of your 4 listed: I'm deep into the 'reduce the clutter' (I took 5 whole bags of clothes and toys to goodwill just this past Monday!! woot!) and I can completely relate to working late into the hours of the evening, missing out on time with the loved ones at home. You said it perfectly when you said "wasting the balance at work" that's EXACTLY how I view it. Its the major reason I've decided to take severance at work next year. My job is just crazy busy, requires a lot of time (into the evening workdays) and I just don't want to spend the balance of my time on earth doing that anymore. Part of me loves the adrenaline and the pace - but the other part realizes I'm wasting time on things that don't matter. I'm also NOT dieting - I'm changing how I eat by eating more 'clean' foods - whole foods - less processed foods, more organic, etc. Anyway - good luck tomorrow!

  10. Good luck. Thinking of you.