10 April 2010

Oh those drugs!!

First a big thank you to everyone for your well wishes.
I am home and doing just fine, now that I have detoxed from those drugs..
I will tell you all that before surgery, I had numerous fart sessions (so fearful that I would really let one loose when I was out).   They give you that little shot of funny medicine to make you woosey before they actually roll you into the OR. I remember the ride in and see the bright lights and that the OR was packed with different pieces of equipment... and then that was it.. God knows how I got from the gurney to the OR table because the next thing I recall is someone calling my name in Post op.

Surgery went a bit longer than expected, but that was my doc just making sure everything was done to his spec.  It was sure nice to get a good nap in though..
One thing that was evident .they sure do use the pain drugs (morphine and dilaudid) without hesitation (no wonder I couldn't feel my legs until the afternoon and then I got a freakin headache).

Today is different, all of my usual aches are back.
So what is the first thing I do when I get home.. I jump on the scale (big mistake.. cause that was a downer).. what was I thinking??  After all they probably pumped 2000mls of saline in me, and I have had not had a poop in two days, and you know that's got to be worth a pound or 5!!!.

So, I am supposed to still take it easy... eh!  we will see.. I do have a "to do" list.. don't they consider that in the discharge orders...
Anyway... still breezy in the NE... big change from the 80 plus temps we were treated to  the last few days... be well


  1. Glad to hear you got through ok. Drugs are good when you really need them so don't be the brave one. Sending good healing vibes out your way.

  2. Barbara, I'm glad to hear you're done with all that and recovering. Relax a bit and definitely do lots of peeing before you get on the scale again - that fluid they pump into you adds poundage like crazy!

  3. Yay, you are all done with that. Now on to living those great rules. I'm sending my best healing vibes your way!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Bander!!! I gained 10 pounds in the hospital...don't sweat the weight now! Feel better soon! -BG

  5. So glad to hear that you are out and ok. Just take it easy during recovery!!