28 May 2010


Well not really.. I had it coming...
Today was fill day.
First the Bad News.. I gained and am now at 204.5
I knew that was coming, but I acted surprise.. "But doctor I don't know what I am doing wrong!!".

Doc -"Really??".. "What are you eating?"
Me- "All healthy foods!!"
Doc - "Really"
Me - "uh Huh!" "Maybe the band is leaking!!"
Doc- "The band is leaking?? Why don't we just talk about what you are eating"
Me  thinking.. "G'Damn it!"

Me- "Alright, I eat stuff"
Doc- "Like??"
Me- "Like navel oranges and pizza"
Doc- "How long does it take you to eat pizza??"
Me- " How long does it take you to eat pizza??"

Doc (firmly) - "DON'T DO THAT, you are going to stretch out your pouch".
Doc - "You are defeating the purpose of the band."

Me- "But I am hungry!!"
Doc- "Eat six small meals a day.  Perhaps we should take some xrays and see what's going on?"

Me - "No , I don't want to.. I will be compliant"

Doc "Let's see what kind of volume you have in there"
Me- "You don't know".
Doc - "Let's just see.. hmm.. 8 cc's.. I am going to give you .5cc"
Doc -  "Please follow the band rules and do not drink during meals, I going to send the nutritionist in to speak withy you"
Doc- "Let's see how this water goes down.. good"

Me (thinking) -"Oh crap, I hate the nut.. she is as thin as a rail and always has a crooked part in her hair"

Fastforward to arrival home. 
Let me see how this .5cc feels.. I am going to sip this protein drink... oh crap.. this is dribbling in my gut.. this  restriction I feel!!!

So there you have it my friends... Restriction is once again mine.. But the doc was very serious about stretching your pouch ... and yes it can return to size, but not if you constantly eat more than that 1/2 to 1 cup volume.. there is a good reason you should measure or eyeball what you are eating...

I went for a walk tonight and yes my knee is killing me.. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP and MOVE THAT ASS is what the little whispers were in my ear..

And during that walk I had a good talk with myself  "Self - I am sick and tired about not hitting onderland.. so that's it.. we are going to be there by next Friday.. When I go to game 4 of the Flyers vs. Blackhawks game in Philly... and you know what... no beeer at the game.. how's that for committment!!  Self.. are you still there??"

Be well...


  1. You are so funny! I hope this fill works for you!

  2. If "self" didn't hear you, I did! Thanks for the chuckle and the warning on stretching our tums. I go for a fill in a week and it can't be too soon.

  3. No beer? You're going hard core, girl. ;) Have a great weekend!

  4. Well at least you're feeling restriction. It's so weird about Dr. being different - When I was a newbie I was always worried about stretching my pouch, but my Dr. said that it happens to RNY patients, because there food is more trapped in that pouch, but not as commonly for band patients. I still worry about it though...
    Hope the Flyers win for you.

  5. Good news on the restriction...you'll be in onederland before you know it.
    Tickets to the flyers...hubby will be so jealous when I tell him. Have a ball...or I guess a puck.

  6. had my first fill a couple weeks ago... not really anything has changed... so ready for another... Thanks for following me ;-)

  7. Fingers crossed this fill does it for you. Your doc sounds as nosy as mine (haha which is actually good, but you know.......) xx

  8. Good luck for your fill, you'll soon be at onederland!

  9. What a crack up...did you and the Dr really talk like that??? I am very glad you have some restriction

  10. Awww Barbara-- you definitely can DO THIS! Let this restriction help you now. Also, this has been a tough time for you, and I wouldn't discount that as part of the difficulty losing.
    You are a super smart cookie, and I want to give you a pep talk about your capabilities. YOU CAN GET TO ONE-derland. I know this is true.
    Create a 'business plan' for yourself (not a diet-- but a plan) and think through all of the checks and balances that will need to happen for your reasonably to follow that plan. You are a COMPLIANCE person for heaven's sake. I know you people, you are VERY orderly. So put that same great brain into action and make a compliance plan for Barbara and post it. C'mon girl!!! I am watching and waiting and excited to see how things shape up. YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!!
    xox V

  11. Hopefully restriction will help you out. You are so close to Onederland. You can do this.

  12. What a journey this band is! Slow loss is good. Slow loss is better. Slow loss is sustainable. You'll get there.