27 May 2010

It's Kristin's FAULT

I don't know if you have all been to Kristin's blog today.. she posted a very thought provoking post about the band and relationships and how it changes us.

Hmm.. when I read her post I wanted to write a spontaneous message  something along the lines that "Oh that would never happen to me.. I am solid.. I am very grounded in every aspect...I am a relic... I am.. blah blah blah.. but I didn't because it REALLy got me thinking and it haunted me.. (sorry Kristin but in a good way).. and I thought about it over and over again.  And to be honest with you by 3:00.. I just about had it with work and trying to get people to comply with the LAW. 
So what did I do.. I shut down my computer, grabbed my bag.. and went to the movies (BY MYSELF)..
There.. that was something that I never ever did before!   I walked up to the window to buy a ticket and looked over the show line up...
And what did I go to see "SEX AND THE CITY".

Ok.. I have watched the series off and on.. and know the characters and their personalities... but I have to say
That if I had to relate to one character.. it would be Samantha. Now before your laugh out loud.. let me explain.  I really do relate to her..she is bold, and sassy.  Now this is where I blame Kristin.. as I watched the movie.. I thought.. boy if I where single and a band success story... I think the alter me would come out and I WOULD BE SAMANTHA!.. And that would really shake up my relationship... I started to day dream and thought "I really think I would be this wild cougar who is going through menopause and doing everything in the world to hold on to her youth.  I can really relate to her "I don't give a F*ck attitude 
 I left the movie feeling pretty good, I had a few laughs,and was happy with my movie selection.
And so what did I do next.. I went to the Chic-Fil-et drive up and got a small choc milkshake and the went to BJ's to buy 2 cases of water and eggs... I AM SUCH A BARBARA!!!!  Samantha would NEVER DO THAT>>.. 
BIG SIGH HERE.. Maybe this band hasn't changed me.. maybe I am just good ole me... oh well.



  1. Good ole you is everything you're supposed to be. I wouldn't change one single thing about you. Loves!

  2. Barbara, I heart you. You made me laugh! I love you as Samantha!!! She might go to BJ's, but probably because of the name. You know, bj. She thought it meant something else... ;)


  4. Barbara...Samantha or not you're still sassy and fabulous in just the right way !!! LOL Kristin I love how well you pegged "BJ's" LOL

  5. You funny girls.. it took me but a second to make the connection.. (naughty naughty)

  6. LOL It's always good to daydream once in a while.

  7. there's 16 of us going tomorrow night to watch it! dinner first of course! can't wait!

  8. Oh man... can you imagine a bunch of us - single and out on the town.. forget red, it would be BLACK!!!! And I so get what you were saying about Samantha. She's the girl we would be if we were single and free.. and rich and thin and etc etc.. ok daydream over. Great post, Barbara xx

  9. LOL....I love Barbara....can't wait to meet you in Chicago. I spoke to my surgeon today about band erosion and he said that being too tight can lead to band erosion but out of 1200 patients he has only had 2 with erosion. Hope you and yours are going well

  10. Barbara, thoughtful post!
    I think you can be a bit of both-- be Barbara AND Samantha, to the extent that each works in your life.
    Now, I've caught the bug and want to go post about this myself...

  11. Really interesting post, like you I can't imagine my relationship changing but you just don't know do you.

    I'm off to see Sex and the city 2 tomorrow night, please tell me it was fabulous and i'll love it as much as the first!

  12. Ha love that you just packed up and went to the movies!!!! We all have our secret side to us that I think comes out more and more the more confidence we have in ourselves!

  13. Wow, I'm so excited to stumble across a blog-ring of fellow gastric banders!!! I just wanted to stop by to say hello! I hope you have a terrific long weekend.