13 May 2010

Brown Sugar

Yes my friends... my lovely vacation is winding down.. we have two days left and then it is back to reality.

It has been in the low 90's for the past 2 weeks, and I feel like I am now the color of light brown sugar. 
Two weeks is definitely what I needed to unwind.. .. and even though I haven't been able to completely detach my self from work (we have an FDA inspection going on right now.. so several calls a day to monitor).. it is still very relaxing.

Yesterday we headed out to the beach ... we drove about 2 hours southeast and worked our way up the coast.
In the beggining of our trip, we had to get gas at Cocoa Beach and while we waited I saw this girl who had the most remarkable tattoos.  I was so intrigued by this because deep down inside I have always wanted to get a Tinkerbell tattoo.. (but then I couldn't be buried in a Jewish cemetary, even though I am not Jewish I don't like to rule out my options).. I digress.. but.. this girl has amazing tattoos... so, shy me decided to ask her if she would mind taking a picture..
And Here we are  (the picture does not do justice to the deep rich tones of the tattoos; but of course does plenty of justice in me looking wind blown.. oh well)

Any way.. she had both arms, legs, and chest done.. she said it took 120 hours.. She was very sweet.

So off we went with a full tank of gas and we landed at Vero Beach.. now this is a place where I could live.. no problem.. only the beach front homes start at about $3million..up to $8 or $10mm.. yeah.. a bit out of my price range.

So I didn't mention this before.. but earlier in the week, DH and I decided we were going to become treasure hunters (I think this was after many a few vodka and cranberry drinks.. ).. and so we went to this neat shop and bought this fancy metal detector...

And we were very anxious to set foot on the beach and take our chance at finding our pirates treasure.

So here is DH at his first attempt at looking for gold.   Well we didn't find gold, but we did pick up a few coins.  We went to 4 different beaches, and I can tell you my legs are killing me from walking through the loose beach sand ...

So today, will be some more R&R.. and, may be a bit of shopping and then. we are going to an oldies show at the pool tonight..  All in all.. a good time.
P.S.  noticed I did not write about eating or the band or any of that stuff. Because I don't know how my weight is doing (other than a trip to Publix on the Public SCALE...) but I do know that I am more than ready for another fill.. have a great day.. hugs to all..


  1. Barbara, this post cracked me up. First of all, the bit about the Jewish cemetery and keeping your options open is hysterical. (SHHHH... my in-laws are Jewish and word on the street is my father-in-law has a tattoo on his tuchus. Obvs, I've never seen this, but he's always been a rebel so it's not hard to believe.)

    Walking in loose sand gets your heart rate SO MUCH higher than on packed sand or regular ground. It's a much more intense workout, so your treasure hunting is a fab idea. Plus, your husband looks totally official, lol.

    Enjoy the last few days of vacation, you look wonderfully relaxed.

  2. Ha love the post. Glad you are enjoying teh vacation!!! Yes walking on sand burns so many calories!!! Enjoy your last 2 days

  3. You're down in my neck of the woods! I live in Palm Bay, just south of Melbourne. Enjoy the lovely weather. It's been beautiful here for the last week!!

  4. B-- love your cute sundress!! Yes: do speak with your doc about my experience-- it was great to have my hunger managed by the restriction. Unfortunately, I was too tight-- but also maybe inflammed from not being restricted enough.
    It is hard to sort out and as my mom says: It's like Goldilocks-- we need to find the "just right" amount.

    You and I will both get there!!!
    xo V

  5. Love me some brown sugar! Enjoy!

  6. Fun! Love the dress, and jealous of the brown sugar.

    LOL on the tattoo/Jewish burial thing.

  7. Oh, I hope you find a fortune and can buy one of those beach front houses and then we will all come and visit and get tattoos. You taught me something new-didn't know the tattoo/Jewish thing. What about a Jewish man-do they need to have a circumcision. OK who checks all these things and who tells the family-sorry-no go-tattoo! Glad you are having a great time.

  8. I'm thinking when I reach my goal of losing 100 lbs I'd get a tatoo to celebrate. I don't have any right now and will probably get something small, maybe on my ankle. Either that or I'll get boobs. My husband is voting for option #2.

  9. Come home...we miss you...enough of this relaxing crap.
    Just kidding...safe trip home.
    Love ya.

  10. OMG. I thought you were really talking about brown sugar... which I love... and could eat by the spoon (not that I ever have...).

    Sounds like your vacation is relaxing and fun. You needed that!

    Are you still using the Neutrogena wrinkle cream? I have to thank you so much because I really love it, and I'm actually seing a noticable difference in my facial wrinkles. Hooray.