09 May 2010

Thinking of Becoming a Gypsy

Alright, I think I am way too relaxed this vacation.. what if.. the DH and I were to just drop everything and move to a place far far away.. and become gypsies. 

What a different life that would be.. no worries, no cares, just float from town to town.

WAKE UP CALL!!! crap who would mow our lawn, water the plants, pay the bills, smile at our neighbors..

Today I asked my DH is it Sunday or Monday, because I can't recall.. that is how relaxed I am right now.. oh yeah it is Mothers Day (and I truly wish I could be with my kids)... but it sure does feel good to be this relaxed..

I jumped on that damn scale at Publix today (and if accurate) it is the same exact weight from home (of course I was clothed .. no boob outings)..

I continue to eat OK.. Althougth I have treated myself to the Healthy Choice Ice cream sandwiches.. have you tried them.... OMG.. .. heaven.

The weather and heat does not prompt me to indulge in any forbidden foods, but a nice lite cranberry and vodka does soothe the soul and make the birds sound harmonic..

So with that, we are all taking a mid day siesta, as the sun does tend to wipe you out.. be well my friends.

PS - DH and I are going to Kareoke tonite to sing our fermented version of "I got You Babe".. I just hope we don't get arrested..


  1. Are you sure the vodka isn't making you relaxed? LOL. Have a great time.

  2. What a great vacation! Have fun at Karaoke! It's only good when you're drinking.

  3. I so need a vacation.

  4. You could so be a gypsie - they're hot mamas - just like you. Oh to forget what day it is - you lucky duck!

  5. I would pay money to hear your Sonny & Cher.

    Can't believe you got on the Publix scale! Such a badass.

    Enjoy the vacation (sounds like you've got a handle on that part). xoxo

  6. I'm with Kristin, I would be too scared to get on a scale in public, PUBLIX! I wouldn't want anyone to see-- weighing is a very private affair for moi.

  7. I think that rendition of I've Got You Babe needs to be your next Vlog...nothing else will do.