25 May 2010

A favor to Ask..

Can I ask a favor of my dear bandster friends..

Could you go over and vist my friend  ANDY.. he needs a bit of cheering up and confidence re-enforcement.

I think it would mean the world to him...

And spread the word if you can...

I am working on my three acts of kindness for today..




  1. Today Montreal is despondent. I doubt anyone showed up for work in the entire city. They do love their hockey. I am happy about the Flyers progressing as I am not much of a hockey fan. So I might as well cheer along a team of someone I know. Go Flyers and hope they go all the way!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for your comment on my blog, Barbara.

    You touched on two things that I've been thinking about for awhile. One, is measuring my progress in *real* terms. And not progress by weight, but the actual means to getting there! I'm such a measurement geek, so that is important for my own psyche.

    As for the making explicit "choices", that's really key too. I have told myself that I will make a conscious decision about everything I put in my mouth. And that might mean talking to myself every now and then, lol.;-)

    I haven't considered lap band, but I'm so glad that I found your blog - however that happened.

    And seriously, THANK YOU for your comment today. It made me feel so hopeful.

  3. Barbara,Thank You! Whenver I need help or advice your always there!

  4. Wow...here you've been commenting left and right on my blog and I didn't even know I wasn't following yours! Consider that fixed!

  5. Heading over right now.
    Love ya.

  6. I'm so there - whatever you need - I'm your girl.

  7. Off to see him now.....Great pics at the game and I am so priud of all your posts since your news. You guys are fighters and we are right behind you