26 May 2010

This, That and Some Other Things

Big Hugs and thanks to everyone that reached out to Andy yesterday... you guys are great!!

So... Here is what is bouncing around in my brain today..
Is it me or have you also noticed a flury of  postings about needing an unfill???...
Ok this is freaking me out.
I go on Friday for a fill and am trying to figure out whether I want to ask for a good .5 cc or a baby fill.

I ate two slices of pizza (with mushrooms) last night.. and then I had a WW popsicle.. ok .. I have been eating like a maniac.. and the scale is showing it.. I am so embarassed by it all.. I need to follow my own advice and get an action plan together.. I know that it is stress eating.. I need to teach my self how to deal with STRESS.. and it just not the obvious stuff.  I stress about the stupid stuff..

I am going to combat this..and start to do some research on how to conquer!!!
So I just got this little bit of news.. I get the FDA news flashes...
WASHINGTON -- The FDA has added a warning about risk of severe liver injury to the labels of orlistat (Xenical) and its OTC formulation (Alli).

So, I guess this will probably be pulled from the market soon.. stay tuned.

Stay cool everyone.. the muggies are coming to town... be well and LIVE IN THE MOMENT (even if it does get a bit stressful at times)


  1. There have been lots of posts about unfill's recently, i've noticed that too.

    Thats very interesting about Orlistat, I took Alli for a short time, I was terrified of embarrasing myself that I hardly ate at all!

  2. I had the same experience as Alison with Alli. I took it for about a week and just couldn't handle it the "effects."

  3. Good luck with your fill. I do agree there seems to be a lot of unfill posts lately.

  4. I took Alli for awhile, but I never lost any weight with it. Maybe a couple of pounds at first, but nothing major. Probably because when I would take it, I would think I could eat whatever I want because the Alli would take care of the extra fat for me ~ lol.

  5. I'm such a stress eater too, and I can honestly say that at moments of huge stress, like Hurricanes, being displaced, illness or death of a loved one, I'm like you, I seam to be okay with the obvioud stuff, but focus in on the little nit picky things to stress over. Maybe it's our way of trying to have a little control, when we know we really can't control the big things. Hang in there, and don't be too hard on yourself, sometimes you just need a little stress relief in the form of food. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

  6. I just had a unfill, but that is b/c I pushed to get good restriction. He ended up putting in a little more than 1cc and then my TOM started and I ended up being under a lot of stress. He took out a tiny little bit and now I am really too lose (but close enough for now so I can learn to eat right).

    Honestly, I don't regret getting too full at all. I wish I could have gone through the process months ago. Granted I wish I could have gotten to my sweet spot without it, but now I know were it is and I feel better about the whole thing.

    For me I thought being able to eat 1 peice of pizza was too much. I expect the gooey cheese and bread to not go down and was shocked. I want to be able to eat most foods, but in my mind Pizza just shoudln't have worked without any issues. However, I did a protein test and when I could eat 4 ounces of protein in less than 1/2 an hour and still got hungry less than 3 hours later I decided that even though my nurse said I should be "there" I wasn't.

  7. But of course it makes a big difference on how easy to get an unfill is. If you have to travel far or it takes a while it just isn't worth the risk!!!

  8. Is Xenical the one that makes you crap your pants and then DOESN'T make you lose weight? Yeah...they should take that off the market...and bring Phen/Fen BACK!!! :)

    I have a fill Monday. Know how I know I need one? Yesterday I went and bought the best Italian bun...it was SOOO chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, and I took a HUNK and barely chewed it...*gulp* It was so big it hurt my throat! And down it went...

  9. Thanks for the update...I used Xenical for a bit and like the others I was afraid of crapping my pants!

  10. Crap (literally)...Alli was the last diet I was on before I started the band process.

  11. Amen about everyone posting about fills...my first one is next Wednesday and I'm so concerned I could poop.
    Sorry about your lack of restriction but mostly sorry about all of the current stress in your life.
    I know how desperately you want to get everything under control but try and just cut yourself a little slack...at least for the time being.
    Good luck on your fill...remember I'm here for you (just an hour away) whenever you need me.