23 May 2010

Let's Talk about the BAND...

So right now, my band feels really tight (hmm wonder why??).. no response necessary .. I know why..

But I do wonder.. How normal or abnormal I am..

Here's what inquiring minds wonder about...
  • How many times a day do you PB or slime?
  • Are you disciplined enough in your eating every day to avoid those foods that get you stuck?
I can not eat breads of any kind, I have tried the pre-lubing, primer approach, but no matter what..it results in a PB'ing episode..
  • So, if the deal is no more pizza, rolls, or doughy stuff for the rest of your life.. can you live with that decision?
I realized pita chips were the beggining of the end for cracker world.. rolls, why bother, but soft pretzels, that was the killer (I AM FROM PHILADELPHIA THE HOME OF THE SOFT PRETZEL AND CHEESE STEAKS)...  yeah I know it is just food, deal with it.. 
I know that if I even have a bite of this stuff where it is going to lead, and  how I will pay the price, but this demon possess me and whispers ...just one bite.. just one bite..if you chew it well.. it will be fine.
Well, why don't I realize chewing it just makes it doughier (if that's a word) and more stuck-likely (if that's a word).. silly girl..


  1. OK, here are my answers:

    I have never PB'd or slimed (I'm weird, I know), but I have gotten stuck.
    I do eat some bread(thin pizza) and pasta. Things that have been multiple offenders (pita chips)I avoid.
    I can live with what doesn't work- it's worth it.

  2. I will be so glad when I can contribute to these conversations. I don't have the band yet, so can't answer any of your questions. Sorry.

  3. Anonymous23 May, 2010


    I have a Sybil band, it decides daily what my choices will be depending on the personality of the day. Some days I can eat bread, some days not. I can tell early in the day if it's gonna be a tight day and if so I avoid sticky foods. But of course I am stubborn (see radish post) and I try a few times before I retire a food for good. Stress is a killer for me, my band always feels tighter when I am stressed (which is 80% of the time)

  4. Ha..Jen it took me a second to figure out why you had a brand of band I'd never heard of before. BLONDE!

    I probably get stuck and slime twice a month, unless it's my period or I travel (fly), then it's more often. I do find that on a tight day (today) I can slime numerous times because I'm stubborn and seem to think that the next thing I try won't get me stuck. = STUPID.

    I gave up on bread a long time ago and haven't tried it again. I also gave up on pita chips after numerous stuck episodes. However, I do eat rice crackers alot with hummus and those go down with no trouble at all. I guess I figure that once I get to my goal and they loosen my band the tiniest bit, if that's what happens, then I can try a piece of bread. I don't miss it that much. I do miss pizza, but avoiding the bread bowl has never been so easy.

  5. I'm still pretty new to the band, just had my first fill. I'd say the transition to "real" food I PB'd/stuck a couple times a week in the learning phase.
    Last night was the first time I've tried pizza, got thin crust Supreme from Pizza Hut...my absolute favorite...stuck and PB. So no more pizza and I know I will miss it! Especially Pan or deep dish!
    However, the biggest repeat offender I've had is chicken. But sometimes it does go down, other times there's no way. I just never know til I try with it...and I find it annoying.
    So, I'm still learning the ropes with Miss B (my band) and taking it day by day.

  6. Ok so my humble opinion; I don't think we should have to cut any 1 food group out of our lives forever b/c THAT'S the definition of a diet. To me, if I could not eat bread (wheat bread) then the bands too tight. My philosophy is that we should be able to eat everything within reason and moderation. I am 10 mths post op with 8.0cc in my 10cc realize band and I can still eat a sandwich (like 1/3 of it) or pizza (a tiny bit of crust, mostly toppings) and chips and even pita chips. My restriction is great but I don't get the negative side affects. I have NEVER PB'ed and I've only slimmed twice, very recently. I've been stuck, maybe 4x in the past 10 mths. So I think if we CHEW WELL and don't get our band too tight, we should be able to eat bread and stuff. I just go for healthier alternatives, like the wheat, b/c THAT'S what this process is about. And if I want white, I'll eat it, but not everyday.

  7. I typically PB at couple times a week. Before it was because I was eating too fast or taking to big of bites since I didn't have a ton of restriction. Now it is when I hit my full point and eat that next bite. I hope that when i get farther along I will be better at stopping.

    Up until this last fill I could eat anything so stopping certain foods wasn't needed. I did have problems taking smaller bites, but that was more b/c most of the time it didn't matter. I haven't tried too many food on this last fill, but so far so good.

    The way I think of it is that I am only giving breads and such (if I can't eat them) for a certain amount of time. I figure that as I hit my goal weight I will have my band drained a little so I am able to eat a little more food. There is no way right now I would be able to eat the amount of calories that I need to maintain my weight. I figure even with a little out I won't be able to go crazy, but I will be able to eat most foods. Also even with a little out I may be able to eat breads and such, but I couldn't eat a ton of it so for me that is great.

  8. Hi Barbara,
    First of all, as a fellow Pennsylvania girl, I am especially bitter about the cheesesteak and soft pretzel problems with the band. Bitter.

    I haven't tried bread in ages, I HATE throwing up and avoid it at all costs.

    I PB as infrequently as possible! Maybe eight times since my surgery in January? I get stuck once in a while, but not usually too badly. And sliming happens exclusively right before I PB, so I haven't had a separate sliming incident.

    Maybe this is a pipe dream, but the way I see it, our bands are tighter during the weight-loss period so more foods are absolutely off-limits. But once we're maintaining, we can take in more calories and can probably keep our bands looser, which should allow us to eat a wider range of foods. That's the way I'm looking at it for now, anyway. It's too overwhelming to think that I can never, EVER have a soft pretzel again. ;)

  9. Like most everyone else, I do restrict some foods, just bc it's not worth the battle. I had an especially bad stuck/PB episode after trying a hamburger patty (2+ hours) and that's it for hamburgers for a while. I'm ok with giving some things up while losing with the hope I can add them again later. BUT if that doesn't happen, I'm ok with that as well, because weighing 200 lbs less than I started is worth a life without bread. Honestly. Especially bc I can eat cheese, butter, fattening sauces, chocolate, and all kinds of other stuff and still lose weight. The trade off is a no-brainer for me!

    Oh, and I will do anything to avoid a PB. I have PB'ed maybe a dozen times in 6 months. I really, really try to avoid it.

  10. I've had my band for 3+ months. I have gotten stuck several times but only PB/slimed once. Damn deli turkey.

    The being stuck hurts so bad that I finally am learning my personal limits: no soft bread or flour tortillas. No deli turkey. Small bites and chew lots. :)

    Those are just my personal limits. I can live without the bread. I can still eat pasta, but I have a feeling that after a few more fills, thzt will be out, too. As for pizza, I still treat myself to it once a month or so, but I always get super thin crust or make my own.

  11. At times...it has happened about 4 times in 5 mths ...I really find I can't eat anything I crave which shits me. The weight loss I have achieved doesn't though...LOL I seriously miss pizza the most....but I can live with that

  12. Ha ha Jenny you are not the only Blonde one I was thinking the same thing about Jen's comment! As for PB & Slime. All the bloody time Grrrr. I agree with Jen it's different every day. Last week I couldn't eat yogurt or salad but the next day ate pork chop and jacket potato. Go figure? We are all different all the time. Live and learn sweetie x