16 May 2010

To fill or not to fill.. that is my question.

I think I need a fill, but I do have those moments (particularly stuck episodes) when I am telling myself .. no way..
Here is what I have come to realize..
  • Early morning consumption of foods that have some density are a no go!!. 
  • I need to start each day with liquids, and then maybe I can move onto solids.
  • I can go pretty long into the day without eating anything, but then hunger strikes and the restriction is not there.
  • I can eat a filling dinner and still find myself hungery at 9:00 pm.
  • I can NOT eat Auntie Ann's cinnamon sugar coated pretzels late at night (I grabbed one at the airport and proceeded to slime the entire drive home.. not pretty).
  • My sliming episodes are FREAKING my DH out.. he keeps asking me "What can I do to help you".. 
  • I really want to get a fill (my appt are usually early in the morning); however, I don't want to put myself in a situation for an unfill.  My surgeon told me being too tight puts you at risk for band erosion.
  • I have been down to 200.2 and never reached onderland.. perhaps I need to get that fill..
Anyway.. I am not whining.. I just needed to get these thoughts down and try to figure things out.

Have a super Sunday and being in Philly... we are a buzz...
LET'S GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I can't give you advice since I don't have my band yet, but based on what I've read, if you are not losing weight I'd get a small fill. Congrats to being so close to Onederland.

  2. Not that you are asking me, but I do think you need a teensy fill. I can not eat in the AM and sometimes I can't eat more than a few bites for lunch, but I eat a good dinner. With around 4oz. of protein w/some veggies I am FULL and satisfied for the rest of the evening and have no thoughts of wanting more food.
    As far as sliming - try to think back if it was on things that bandsters generally don't do well with. Personally, if I was sliming after eating a pretzel or bread or something like that, I would know that it's because I shouldn't have eaten it, not because I'm too tight. Does that make sense? If you were sliming on protein and veggies then I'd be worried about getting too tight.
    I don't at ALL mean to be preachy - I just have been there and constantly worry about being there so I have these thoughts ALL the time. Am I too tight, or did I eat something I shouldn't have even tried to eat?
    I'm glad you are home AND GOOOOOooooo FLYERS!

  3. I'm a fill-virgin so I can't offer any advice.
    Just listen to those who have been there before you...they all have your best interest at heart.
    Go Flyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I agree.. Thanks.
    Jen.. you hit it right on.. I am getting stuck on things that are not band friendly or more or less taboo.. I guess it's those carb craves.
    I got that damn pretzel because I was hungry and it was easy to grab going through the airport.. so I don't think it would have matter if I ate that at 8 in the morning or nite. not a good food choice... I am glad for the feedback... it does ground me and make me do some critical review of food choices and eating habits.. but I think I will move forward with that fill.. I got lots of exercise during the vacation.. so it bugs me that I didn't have a tweak of a loss.. oh well.

  5. I just took a couple of bites of eggs and spinach...not liking it and i need to stick to shakes in the morning. Definitely looser as the day progresses. I had a fill a couple of weeks ago and now too scared to get one. Threw up a couple of times on Friday - not pretty! So damn close to ONEDERLAND...YOU WILL GET THERE!

  6. I agree with Jen. Sometimes it takes away to make the switch to restriction eating. I only do protein bars in the AM (generally), and not until I've had coffee for a few hours to prime the pump (so to speak). I can eat a good lunch and dinner and be be full all night with maybe just a cup of tea (it doesn't mean I don't eat more). I tend to judge my need for fills based on how hungry I get vs. how much I eat.
    Maybe tomorrow will be 199!!!

  7. Holy shit...I am too tight ...band erosion??? Scary stuff...will be checking that out...I love my band. Great advice from Jen...I pbed badly the other day on chips and pastry...no go foods for me now