17 May 2010

Band Food.. Friend or Foe?

I was just reading through some of our bandsters posting.. and noticed that quite a few were on the topics of being tight or having some Pb'ing experiences on foods.

So it got me thinking about foods that I thought would turn out to be band friendly, but have actually turned out to be a band FOE..
Now I know the bandster rule is to chew, chew, chew.. but somehow I still seem to slime on the foods below .. even if they are well chewed.

Here is my personal list:

scrambled eggs - Foe
hamburger- Foe
pita chips - DOUBLE FOE
certain cheeses - Foe, some cheeses are friendly though
carrots - FOE

So I am curious to hear from you about foods that you thought were band friendly but turned out to not be so..


  1. I had a few bad incidents with yogurt, taking big bites or too early...but I love it so I persevere and it's been ok, but I must pay attention when I eat it.

  2. cottage cheese - FOE. Which didn't break my heart too much, actually.

  3. At my level of restriction now...salmon and halibut are a no go! something with the texture. I can't eat anything re-heated. Most raw veggies too.

  4. It's ironic, bc I almost get stuck more on mushies than regular food. This whole band thing has me scratching my head right now!

  5. eggs of any kind!
    chicken (but I can eat STEAK!)

    Great idea for a post!

  6. Great idea!

    Chicken...too afraid to even go there!

  7. OMG thank you for this post. I thought I was going mad.
    Scrambled eggs!
    Yogurt in the am.
    Any Fries (chips in the UK)
    And the list is still building as I am fairly new to this. But I agree it is mostly the food I thought would be ok. Very interesting to share this and see others.

  8. Scrambled egg is a good foe to me, because it allows me a few forkfulls but no more.
    Love your blog, found it via Sandy Lee - now just one more to go and you have 100 followers!! I'm also the most imperfect bandit, sadly. Zero for inspiration in my case, but not you - you have a chirpy outlook that's great!

  9. I love Scrambled eggs but maybe not after my fill on Friday! I made a post about you. Hope you aren't mad :-(

    (my verification word was fackers)

  10. I'm 100!

    I think the trick with scrambled egggs is that our minds think they're sliders so we don't chew. If I pay attention and take tiny bites, I can eat them all day. But oye, if I lose focus for one bite, it's over.

    I remember I've seen your blog before but got detered by your other blog. I didn't realize I never started following this one. My dad lost a 10 year battle to that stupid effing bastard beast MM in 2003.

  11. Before being banded, I was under the impression that I would be giving up bread and popcorn forever. Weird. But, as it turns out, I can eat anything I want. Zero foes. Not sure if that's good or bad, but I think mostly good.

  12. chicken!
    Also it seems food reheated...I do fine eating it for dinner, but the next day after warming it in the microwave, it's a no go? Miscellaneous stuff.

    Also, I've heard pasta is a no go, but it's actually one of the things I can tolerate.

  13. I dont seem to have any that I thought would be good but wasnt. The only thing that I can say I really dont eat anymore becasue I cant are spare ribs!!! yet I can eat pulled prok very easily!!! weird :-)

  14. my biggest foes are bread (of any kind....muffins, cake, thick cookies.....if you can wad it up in a ball and throw it, i can't eat it) and reheated foods. which i'm noticing a lot of us have that issue. when i reheat stuff i usually take the sprayer on my kitchen sink and spray it down with water, it seems to help. or put a cup of water in the microwave when i reheat it. that keeps the microwave from sucking the moisture out of the food. my hubby, who used to be a chef, taught me that. cuz i was wasting a lot of food and he was getting pissed. lol i also have issues with raw veggies and melted cheese if it's super gooey. don't know why. super great idea for a post though.

  15. Pretzel nuggets - Big Time FOE!!!

  16. Great advice Dirttrackdiva. I am no go on breads, fries (chips in Oz) sometimes eggs, reheated meats, and anything too soft like a dumpling outside...I miss pizza :(