18 May 2010

Wow.. I am so flattered.

First a super big thank you to those of you who have just joined my follow list.. Lonicera, Jess and LDswims have just put me over the top of 100 followers.. big hugs.

And of course, my heartfelt thanks to Sandy from Weightloss Roller Coaster for her kind review of my blog and highlighting my band experience (smiles, moans and groans that I have shared).   She's a true band buddy...

And super thanks for those who responded to the Band Food .. Friend or Foe experiences..

Well, I have been on "Onderland Watch" for a few days now (in fact I have the camera planted right next to my scale to capture the moment when it happens).. I feel like I am trying to photograph a leprechaun (do they really exist??).. SIGH... I even woke at 3:00 am this morning, made my trek to pee and then jumped on the scale ready to make history.. and what did I see... 201.2.. how the hell did I absorb a pound..

When I got back to bed, I lay there staring at the cieling trying to analyze what I did, or what I ate to cause the bump up in the scale.. I had roasted chicken and salad for dinner.. water afterwards and then some almonds.. well.. I guess it was the nuts... awww.. NUTS!  damn nuts, damn nuts, damn nuts.

Again, as the clock ticked in the wee hours I thought.. but I can eat nuts with no problemo.. and they are nutrious right and you know they are loaded with the "Good" fat.

Tick, tick ... My mind wonders... Why do we rationalize fat as good fat or bad fat?  Of course the guilt trip in me automatically thinks.. "you are what you eat"... ugh.. why do I torture myself with these thoughts..

Oh GOD I AM OBSESSING ABOUT THIS STUPID NUMBER... why can't there be a weightloss fairy.. or a genie that comes out of my perfume bottle and grants me three wishes...  as I finally drifted off to sleep...

So tonight it was chicken, no damn nuts, and I am going to drink water like it was my job.. and we will see what that scale does tomorrow...

Be well everyone.. and thank you for all of your kind words on Sandy's blog.. {{{Hugs}}}


  1. Hey Toots...don't stress on the scale...you'll be in onederland so soon and then for the rest of your life.

  2. Well now that you have reached Onederland with followers, the scale is sure to follow. I've been stuck at the same weight for TWO months up and down the same pound. It's gets rather boring actually. It will come and maybe the leprechaun will have a pot of gold in his hands-oh wait, that's a rainbow. Oh well, I think we will all hear you when it happens. I see a lot of bloggers waiting to enter onederland. I did so enjoy reading your blog last night. I plan to get through the BOOBS for those I've missed the beginning. I'll have to plan a weekend for Amy W.

  3. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! It really meant the world to me.:-)

    Make that 103 followers. I love love love your blog.

  4. You're doing great, it's just a number.

  5. I love Sandy's idea of going back to the begining of each BOOBS blog...you are so close and don't stress those nuts...I find when I don't have a wine I stay the same and when I do the scale goes down. I think our body likes to stabilise as we shed the weight. It will come

  6. Ooooh, I can't wait to see that you've crossed into the Promised Land!

  7. Oh onederland watch is the worst. I was to superstitious to keep the camera in the bathroom, so then on that morning I ran naked downstairs to get it. I hope tomorrow is the day. I'm actually surprised that you're not under 200, because in your pics you look way smaller than me.

  8. You will be there soon. Just try and not stress about it and it will happen :-)

  9. I could eat nuts all day and night...they are SO addicting! You'll get there - keep the faith.