30 June 2010

Call me "NUTS"

But... after my last post on whining about the fact that "poor Barbara" was lost and frustrated during her first Zumba class.. I soon realized when I woke up the next morning that my body actually felt kind of good that I went.

Your comments were reassuring to me  AND maybe that instructor could have done a better job embracing me into the steps of the class (yes it is all about me).  But, she actually wrote me an email on Tuesday saying that she realized I looked lost during the class and in the routine (really.. a LITTLE lost ???), and that sometimes it takes a couple classess to catch on to the steps.

So guess what.. I am not giving up..

I am going to do some research, find a DVD that will teach me some of these basic Zumba steps and I am going to GO BACK!!.. you read that right.. I really enjoyed the fact that I was participating in an organized exercise program... event through my mental torture of not knowing what I was doing.. remember I did not walk out, becasue I REALLY wanted to there.  I just felt out of control .. and I guess that confirms the fact that I am a control freak (stop laughing Lauren and Allison).

So, here is my plan of action:
  • School myself on basic Zumba Steps
  • Rejoin the group during the week of 12 July
  • Have fun and go with the flow
I like the location of the class (just minutes from my office); the studio is very nice; the people are nice.

I just need to get my MY act together..

PS... Some Zumba DVD Info:

Zumba Total Body Transformation System DVD Set is $59.95 on their website zumba.com

YOU  can also go onto Youtube.com  and get a boat load of instructional steps (FREE). 
I am actually going to try this first.. because some of them appear to be very instructional..

I told you I do not quit...

Be well


  1. Good for you! I'm trying to get the nerve to go to Zumba, when you find a good DVD, please share the title. Thanks.

  2. Yeah Barbara!! I've learned that it's all about trying. There is no award for being the best at Zumba, or boot camp, or life for that matter. Try so that you feel good about what you've accomplished and that's all that matters! xoxo

  3. Glad that you're going to give it another go. Go Barbara!

  4. Thumbs Up!!! That is great

  5. Wow...I've never tried Zumba...now I'm a little scared. Maybe I need to get the video and practice up before I go! Good for you to keep going! Anxious to see what you think in a few weeks!

  6. Hello! I just started following you. I found you on Sandy Lee's blog. I bought the Zumba set and did the instructional video and I still find it hard to keep up with them. Those girls have the body's of a 10 year old and it's like they are so tiny they can move at the speed of light! hehe I guess the more practice the better. Good luck!

  7. I enjoyed Zumba but was sooo stinking lost! I am going to try it again because it was fun and GREAT idea about Youtube! Hang in there!

  8. Nice!!!!!!
    That's my roomie...I luv her.

  9. I will not call you nuts. I love nuts. I am nuts. That is all.

    Oh and you rock!

  10. You better now quit. I am busting my ass at the gym and it makes me happy when I know others are suffering the same. Move that bod. You'll feel so good even with the pain. Happy Zumba'ing.

  11. Anonymous01 July, 2010

    Love love love the Zumba even though I'm pretty sure I look like a cross between a cheerleader wannabe and a water buffalo. And I was totally gonna suggest youtubing before spending the dough, but you're already there. Stick with it. You can do it.

  12. Sorry, this has nothing to do with Zumba. But, I am still using that Neutragena wrinkle cream, and sometimes I have a difficult time finding where to put it now! It's worked THAT well. Are you still using it? I think that was one of the single best pieces of advice/information I've gotten while blogging. Wow. Thanks.

  13. yay you for not quitting! keep us posted on how the next class goes. i'll be excited to find out.