28 June 2010

Big Sigh!!

Honestly, I wanted this exercise class to be my key to loving exercise.

I don't know what went wrong.

I arrived early, with my workout gear in tow.
I filled out all of the paper work, greeted the owner and class instructor.
Smiled at everyone that arrived (some also new, many much younger than me).

The instructor was as fit as could be, dressed in her official ZUMBA wear (I know this because it said Zumba down the pant leg and some exotic ZUMBA letters across her shirt).
In my pre class chatter I meanered over to some age related ladies who told me the worked at an assisted care center and were certified in CPR. At that moment I decided to be near them .. just in case.. They reassured me it would be a good workout.

From the moment the first song that was queued for the warm up to the last song for the cool down I was lost.  I don't mean just out of step and trying to catch on lost ..

I mean I had no freakin idea what was coming next.  Everyone was whirling around me like  abunch of synchronized swimmers doing a ballet.   And there I was bumping into people to the left and right of me.   No idea of what was coming next in the steps with each song, or what to shake or what to roll.. All I saw was the instructors ass, that had two long belts hanging off of each ass cheek while she gyrated, and jumped and thrashed her arms up and down. The songs ran into one another one had african rhythms then the rhytmn rolled into an indian bollywood kind of beat..and then some latin salsa beats...I was lost...and I felt so out of control and that I did not fit in.

My eyes were fixed on the clock. I wanted OUT...

Now please do not think I am a quiter.. it was evident to me that I had no freakin idea of what I was doing nor what steps I was doing.. no primer, no point of reference, just everyone hopping up and down shaking their asses and thrashing around.

So I have tried Yoga (which I liked), and now Zumba (which I did not like).. I will keep looking for something that will suit me.. and hopefully be just as excited about that adventure as I was with this one.

Be well..


  1. No worries! At least you can say you tried!!

  2. You tried! that's all that matters!

  3. Yes you did...
    I keep wanting to find the "perfect exercise", not sure I ever will. I like yoga too, I might need to stick with it.

  4. I, too, am still looking for the "perfect exercise" for me! Let us know when you find it! Best of luck!

  5. Wow, this reminds me of why I cancelled my gym membership. I went to this class and let me tell you, it kicked my butt. I went out to get water and snuck to my car. All in the MIDDLE of the class! I flew out of that parking lot so fast, I left smoke.

    You did better than me by at least staying there. I was so lost and so ashamed I never went back! Keep it up though, you'll find something you will love!

  6. Now I am hesitant to try it!! I have no rhythm whatsoever and I would probably be lost the whole time, too...

  7. OMG! That is exactly why I don't take classes.. you lived my ultimate fear. Good for you for trying though! And hey, I am sure you still burned some serious calories!

  8. You know, Barbara, that sounds like a class with a really bad teacher. She should never have let you feel that way. Believe me when I tell you I am truly one of the least coordinated people ever. Step aerobics classes were the kiss of death for me, I was always tripping over myself and slamming into people.

    It really seems to me like you got a lemon of an instructor. I'm so sorry, but maybe the opportunity will present itself again sometime and it'll be more fun.

    In the meantime, you ROCK for going and for sticking it out. I think I would have cried.

  9. how about a spinning class?

  10. That would be me too. Whenever I've done areobics or any other class, I've felt the same way. If you decide to try again, go early and ask the instructor for some instruction. Ask her if she can show you the basic steps and patterns and how to know what is coming up.

  11. I'm with Kristin on this one pal...take it from an educator...you've got people in your class (I don't care what it is you're teaching) who feel the way you felt last night, and you're definitely doing something waaaayyyy wrong. This wasn't a recital...it was an exercise class which means there should have been some sort of instruction. That sucks and I sure hope someone doesn't ruin that experience for me the way she ruined it for you.

  12. Um how about trapeze swinging? I have one...in our bedroom...love it. I don't even have to wear workout clothes.

    Seriously - love that you tried this....you'll find something...I just know it!