28 June 2010

Can I tell You How I Feel...

I am freakin' excited about going to this Zumba class.
You would think I don't get out much..
Well I obviously don't go to too many exercise classes, hence needing to do something dramatic for WL!.

So here is the getup I came up with.  I took it out of my gym bag and laid it out on my desktop.  Thank God no one walked into my office.. because it looked a little bit like a ritual ceremony to my sports bra..
Speaking of sports bra.. oh Dinnerland, no worry about me knocking myself unconcisous when I start to jump up and down.

I got nothing.. I mean.. like "Dolly has left the house" nothing.. I may resort to stuffing some tissue in that appliance to make it at least look like I got something going on.

So, both the top and bottom are very light weight and will definetly wick away any sweat and make it appear that I am glowing as I move my booty.

Did I mention I am excited.. I felt so empowered this morning as I drove into the office.  Like I was going to conquer something I had been fearing..

The scale bumped up this morning to 202.. and I know why.. I had several foods that had sodium ladden amounts (salad dressings, crackers) and oh did I mention the ice cream  I had last night.. not wimpy sugar free sh*t, but a honkering bowl of Breyers "The All Natural" Coffee Ice Cream with Hershey's chocolate syrup... I thought I would have bandster's regret afterwards... but I didn't.. I licked my lips and said "ah" afterwards... Now do  you realize how much fat is in 1/2 cup?  9 Freakin delicious grams..Yep half of its nutrional content is fat, just like me!  So we are compatible.


  1. Hope that you enjoy Zumba, can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. OMG - I would so do the same thing. Lay out my clothes. Perform a ritual. LOL You go girl....we loves you!

  3. Knock 'em dead at Zumba cupcake...we'll need a full report.

  4. I thought you had melted and all that was left was the workout clothes:-)

    Let Grace know about Zumba-she's thinking of taking a class and doesn't know what it is. I am too uncoordinated to do anything that might be coordinated movement amongst a bunch of other people.

    And I noticed right away the the ice cream had 2 grams of protein per serving, but I assumed you had 2 servings (come on-who can actually eat just 1/2 cup) so you got in 4 g protein. Yeah for protein and enjoying our food.