07 June 2010

Sweet Spot Calculations

Is there a calculation to project your fill volume to meet your sweet spot?

I ask this question, because two visits prior to my most recent visit to my surgeon's ofice, he shared with me that my sweet spot would be somewhere between 8 and 9 cc's in my 11 cc band.  Even though he said this, he still proceeded with my incremental fills and it wasn't till my recent fill (number 6), that I had actually reached that desirable level.

I am exactly at 8.5 cc's and I am there!  By my calculations, that is a 77% restriction in my 11 cc band.

So, how did he know where my sweet spot would be so many months before I actually reached this fill volume? 

Is there a secret % restriction calculation range that projects at which volume we would fully realize a good point to be (not too loose, not too tight)?

In looking through some of your posts, I see that there are 5cc bands, 10 cc bands and 11 cc bands.  And it looks like some of you have hit your sweet spot at 55%, some at 60 % and me at 77% restriction of our band.

I am really curious to understand what drives these differences in % restriction.. yet more so, as to understand how my surgeon knew I would be there between 8 and 9 cc's. 

I really like to reference scientific publications, but could not find one ... but did find this blurb on wiki..(not a  good source.. but interesting)

No accurate number of adjustments required can be given. However, an average may be estimated to be between three and five fills (where saline/isotonic solution is inserted into the band via the subcutaneous port) for a person to reach the optimal restriction for weight loss. The amount of saline/isotonic solution needed in the band varies from patient to patient. There are a small number of people who find they do not need a fill at all and have sufficient restriction immediately following surgery. Others may need significant adjustments to the maximum the band is able to hold. Bands come in several diameters and sizes and can hold a total of between 4 cc (ml) to 12 cc (ml) of fill fluid depending on the design. Band size is usually determined by personal preference of the surgeon who places the band together with what s/he is either able to use (e.g., specific bands approved in country of surgery) or what s/he believes to be the most appropriate. In Europe, for example, it is possible for the surgeon to use many designs. The size of the band used is determined by the surgeon during surgery based on the size and thickness of the patient's stomach

HENCE.. I must be a little thick around the stomach!!

The good news for me is that this most recent fill is finely working for me.
My uptick in physical activity hasn't hurt this adventure, but I truly feel that this fill is where I want to be..and I hope it lasts for several months to come..


  1. I am curious too. I have 10 cc's in my 11cc band. I am closer to my sweet spot but not quite there yet & I am runnin' out of room!

  2. I hope so too. I feel like I am very close and hope my fill on Wednesday is the last! I think your doc may be just going on experience. I'm only 4.2 in a 10cc band and am close. I think I had problems at my first fill because my stomach wall was still swollen. I think I have a thick stomach though and that is why I get restriction at a lower amount. I just want to lose some weight. Period. Good luck and hope the weight starts to drop. I'm at the gym too!

  3. Good lord, Barbara, my eyes were crossing with all the numbers and percentages and whatnot. I went to Catholic school, which means I suck in math but have excellent handwriting. ;)

    SO HAPPY to hear you are at your sweet spot. You've more than earned it!

  4. I have 60% restriction in my band and can't imagine any more.

  5. I have 37% restriction in my band and have basically had restriction since surgery. Very weird. How is Mark???

  6. I hope so too Barbara! I am having fill # 2 on Wed. and I am hoping that because I have a smaller band, 5cc's I will hopefully hit my sweet spot in 2 - 3 fills but who knows.

    You are doing fantastic, that is what I know! I too will be hitting the gym on a more regular basis as my life has seemed to quiet down (shhhh...don't tell anyone I said that!)

  7. Hey there tootsie roll...sounds like you might be there and I couldn't be happier for you. You've certainly earned it.
    Love ya.

  8. My doc just uses his experience to gauge the sweet spot. He says in most of his patients with the Realize 11cc band get there at 8-8.5ccs. However, everyone is different which is why he goes slow. He has seen people start getting there at 5 (which is why he starts there now) and a few of us have to get past 9. I think he said that one patient went all the way to 11.

  9. I don't think they really know - it's just guessing based on the first few fills. I'm at 88% (9.75 in 11), so I'm on the high end. I hope this one is your sweet spot.

  10. A good fill will last you for months without you even thinking about it. So I hope this is it for you. I'm at my sweet spot (i believe) at 8.0 in a 10cc band!