19 July 2010

Aplogies from Whiny ME>>>

Thank you for your kind words..
Alright.. so I am not a morning person.
I went back and read my post from 5 am this morning and WHAAAA..

Am I frustrated??

Am I going to Quit??

So back at it I went this evening.
This time 3 miles on the treadmill
20 minutes on the elliptical
30 sit ups
And a very nice stretch out and cool down.
I am soaked.

On the eats side of things:
B-  1/2 cup of kashi cereal with skim milk
L- 1 whole tomato sliced with fresh basil, balsamic vinegar and cubed fresh skim mozzarella
D-  1/2 cup of fresh cantaloupe, 1/2 cup of grapes and 1 nectarine.

Note the fiber theme above.. yes.. I am backed up..

I am not quite ready to do an all liquid day, I am still suffering from post traumatic distress from the pre-op and post-op experience.... I have my fill on Friday so I may make Friday and Saturday my liquid day.

I have not had any snacks (I was in meetings all day.  I have consumed 1.5L of water (I don't know what that is in ounces, but I do know that each water bottle has .5L and I had 3 so that is 1.5 L (how's that for advanced math)

I know some of you suggested to not weigh myself everyday.. but honestly I want to see myself pass into onederland.. you know..like New Year's EVE.. the baby's first step.. your first kiss.. I want to experience it.

Strangely enough, I drove home rather quickly this evening to get to my workout (that is a strange new behavior for me). 

So I am in it.. and again apologies for my whiny post..
Be well..


  1. You owe us no apologies, Barbara. We've all had these moments. I would flag on your (amazingly low-cal) menu that you seem a little low on protein, which when combined with your awesome workouts might push your body to hold on to weight. Make sure you're getting enough. xoxo

  2. Barbara - hang in there on the other post! I agree - no apologies needed... and next time we come up to NJ for any length of time, I'd love to meet you and Cindylew too!!! My folks are in South Jersey... Take care!

  3. Never apologize for whining. We all do it. Glad you are feeling a little better.

  4. Don't apologise - that's what we're here for! To support each other :-)

  5. Everyone needs to whine - especially when you're working hard and seeing no results. I'm predicting onderland by this weekend.

  6. NO way - no apologies...we all get to whine here. And I'd be frustrated too BUT you are doing all the right things...hang in there.

  7. I don't think you have to apologize...lord knows we all go through what you are describing. I am going through it right now myself.

    Have you been keeping track of your measurements? The scale is just so unpredictable and I do the same thing, weigh every day. measurements though tell the real story when you are exercising.

    I also notice that while you are eating very high fiber, with the exception of milk and mozzerella, you ate no protein yesterday. My trainer keeps telling me that the protein is so important for weight loss and muscle building.

    Good luck Barbara, we will all get there eventually!

  8. I weigh myself daily and wouldn't change a thing! It keeps me accountable and I would DIE if I had to do it weekly.. YUCK! Do what you wanna do sister!

  9. Sorry I missed that cupcake...I've been MIA from Blogland for days now...I feel so disconnected from the gang. Major busy at work trying to prepare for our vacation in 3 weeks and my car died so now it looks like we're new car shopping...how stressful.
    We'll chat soon...before Sunday obviously.