19 July 2010

Doomed.. to Live in Fatty Land

It is 4:57 am.

Got up to pee.
Jumped on the scale.
It read 203.
I did 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday, not skipping, but at a good 3.7 mph clip.
30 minutes on the elliptical
AND 25 situps.
Did weights for 15 minutes.
I was soaking wet by the time I was done..

I must either have an alien growing in my body or something is terribly wrong.
This friggin weight just wont leave my body.

I worked out 7 times in a 9 day period..

I feel so defeated.. my abs are sore, by ass muscles hurt.

Yeah I get that the muscle weight could be displacing fat.. but cripes.. give me a break.
When am I going to cross that threshold into onederland???

I am not looking for 20 lbs here.. just a few measily pounds.

The scale went down to 200.4 this week and I thought this is it.. I am getting ready to go.
In my mind, I even wrote my onederland post, ready to triumph, read to move into the next part of the WL journey.

BUT NO.. not happening..

In a million years, I would have never thought that it would be this hard to lose weight (even with the band).

Honestly, I think I lost more weight with WW, then I have with the band.. I tracked my calories.. and I am in the 1000 range/day.  The math just doesn't work, I should be losing weight.

I go for my fill on Friday.. .. I don't even know what to say to him.. last time he told me to up the exercise..

I am out of ideas on how to conquer this.. really.. I got nothing more on the subject.

I will never get out of Fatty Land.. I am doomed!

Have a great day..


  1. That sucks big time!!!

    You're doing everything right - it has to have a big jump in the right direction soon!

    Maybe hide your scales for a few days? (or hurl them out the window?)

  2. NO! You are not doomed and you WILL GET THERE!!
    First, when you go for your appointment this week, you need to tell your surgeon how much you're working out-- that is a GOOD THING.
    He will help you-- he wants you to lose weight too.
    Is the NUT the only nutritionist they have or do they have ANYONE else you could speak with for a plan to break through this frustrating plateau?
    I believe you're on the verge of a breakthrough-- and often, when you workout your muscles retain water and you are building muscle at the same time-- so the scale goes UP when you are actually losing.
    Here is one 'desperate times call for desperate measures' piece of advice, if you want to go this way.
    Do a liquid diet for 2 or 3 days and see what happens. Just protein shakes... see if your body responds to that. It could 'shock' your system and get things moving again. Plus, it will lower your calories down to around 1200 per day for CERTAIN, particularly if you stick purely to protein shakes.

    Just a thought for you...for me: the perfect time to do something like that would be during the week, when I am working all day anyway, and can just 'skip' the dinner meal in favor of the shake b/c I'm tired etc.
    Whatever you decide: you can't and won't give up b/c the band is there for you!! YOu will get there.

  3. Anonymous19 July, 2010

    You are gonna bust through this plateau. I agree with DL maybe do the 3 days of liquids, or cut most of your carbs for a couple of days...it's kinda like hitting the reset button. You are doing great with your workouts, your body will catch up!

  4. You're not doomed. I promise. You will get through this. I am at the same plateau, but about 20 lbs heavier and I am going to do liquids for the next few days and see if that helps me out, too.

  5. I am convinced that our bodies don't catch up right away with all the hard work we put in. Just remember that muscle weighs more than fat.

  6. If you are working out that intensely and consuming so few calories, you're body is likely in starvation mode and holding on to everything it can. I'd up your calories for a couple of days as well as water intake if you're not getting your daily 64 and see how that does.

    Check out www thedailyplate com and see just how many calories you need to be bedridden and just breathe....I bet it's more than 1000/day.

    Good luck! You will break through this! I was stuck at 201 for 3 weeks before finally losing that stubborn pound!

  7. Just keep working out and eventually your body WILL catch up with you!!

  8. You will get there. I know it. But I feel your pain and know it sucks, so will join in the pity party with you for a spell. All I can say, is that my weight is moving down. I can barely eat solids and am considering an unfill but will give it a few more days. And if anything else, at least the exercise is good for you SO DON'T STOP! I never lost any weight by exercise but my body did tone up. Waiting for that Onderland post. It'll be jumping out of the computer window when that day comes. And I know it will come. Til then-sorry that the scale isn't moving.

  9. Plateaus are hard. I am the queen of really slow weightloss. Keep doing the right things and it will start moving!

  10. You are not doomed! You are so much more healthier now. After this next fill, the weight will fall off! Gaining muscle and water weighs a ton!

  11. I am feeling your pain. I can't get out of the 180's and I have been here now for many months. It is pissing me off but I know it will happen for me and you. I also think you need to up your calories. If you are working out I don't think you are getting enough calories and may be starving your body. Good luck.. and I am sorry for you frustration!

  12. When you catch the train can I stowaway in your bag? I want OUT TOO!
    I'm not working for it like you are - so I am extra frustrated for you. You are kicking butt and taking names.

  13. {{{{HUGS}}}}. You're not doomed! It's bound to happen....Keep chipping away.

  14. Awww Barbara, that's not fair. Hugs to you. Keep on keepin' on, girl. You'll get there.

  15. That just sucks! The good news is that here pretty soon you're going to be down. Try to stay off the scale for a week and see what happens!

  16. Barbara: Bet me 10 bucks that next week, your weigh in is at LEAST 2 lbs down...maybe even into Onderland. Bet me!! All your hard work will pay off...it absolutely will!