25 July 2010

It was HOT HOT HOT!!

Finally after months of email exchanges and post exchanges.. CindyLew and I met (with our DH's).
As you may all recall.. our date was a BB game at the Citizens Bank Park to watch the Phils and CRockies.

We agreed to meet at McFadden's (which is sort of a sports bar/restaurant that is attached to the stadium).  It was instant recognition when we met as we let out loud screams and we exchanged big hugs.. how can you not give CL a big hug.
So we had lunch (CL being very good and me having a beer).. and then we were off to our great seats looking down behind home plate!

So I am hoping that  CL has better pics of us then I have.. but I did get a great shot of our DH's

And here is the picture I have of us..  NO the clouds were not floating by.. I don't know what happened.. it was just so darn hot out.

You could not tell by the sky in the picture above.. but by the 5th inning.. the lightning bolts started to dance around us, and the skies opened... and it poured... and poured...and the rain was coming down sideways.. so they stopped the game..

Well, the weather gods were pulling the punches at this point.. and it looked liked it would be a while before the game resumed.. so we decided to call it a day..

Despite the rain.. it did not put a damper on our meeting.. and I am so happy to have met my new friend CindyLew WHO!!!

PS... I had to change my blog design.. got a message on my blog that the background design was going to expire or something.  I hope this is easy to read.. if not let me know..
Be well


  1. It was an awesome game, I wish I could have been there with my Philly sistas! I am so glad you got to meet! Next time I'm home... It's time for you and Me, Barb! *Maria*

  2. I am so happy for two to have finally gotten together! I am a former "northerner" as I am from Long Island and still have ALL my family there. When we moved to FL they said we were crazy because of the heat and humidity...well I am here to say that you "northerners" are getting killed by the heat and humidity! Please come to FL to cool off!

    I cannot wait to meet you both in Chicago!

  3. I know a bunch of people from back home that were at the game yesterday - soooo hot! It looks like you had a great time despite Mother Nature! And at least the Phillies won! <3

  4. So great that you met! I hope you are lifelong friends and have many more meetings!

  5. so exciting to meet another blogger in person!! Looks like it was a HOT one that day!

  6. It must have been super humid to fog up the lens like that! I'm glad you had a great time meeting up with Cindy...Can't wait to meet you both in Chicago!