28 July 2010

Ok. OK.. I hear you...

I am glad you have resolved my fears.. not that I didn't know you were going to say not to worry..

We all have our little freak out topics.. now you know mine.

Some people can come off looking great no matter what.. I on the other hand have to work at this.

I am not kidding, I have changed outfits 3 or 4 times in the morning for work.

That concept of "first impressions" sticks with me.

I even thought, maybe we call all wear uniforms and we wouldn't need to think about this stuff.

enough of this topic, I am tucking it away.. and happy to hear that no one else is really focusing in on this.

thank you again for your strong reassurances..


  1. I think we really are kindred spirits after all!

  2. Ummm, I am still obsessing about it!!! Sorry, no "tucking away" for me! LOL!

  3. As long as you aren't serious about the uniforms, we're good! :-) (I have memories of VERY ugly, polyester marching band uniforms come to mind)

  4. Wish I was coming to Chicago to mee you and your HOTNESS!

  5. My first impression of you is that you are a sweet, caring, loving person and that is all I need to know!!

  6. Barbara, I know how fabulous you are already; great clothes can only enhance that but less than great clothes will have no effect on my opinion.

    I can tell you the Chicago wardrobe question has crossed my mind, because I generally look like a wreck and am a complete fashion illiterate. But man, my personality is AWESOME.


  7. Can't wait to meet you know matter what you are wearing.