18 July 2010

The Skinny on SKIN..

Some of you may know that I am a bit of a geek when it comes to scientific studies (it's actually tied to the industry that I work in..). 
So the first step I generally take as my starting point with exploring a topic is to look at the scientific literature.  Now I am not saying all studies are perfect [as evidenced by the potential bias introduced through suppression of data [e.g. GSK diabetes drug Avandia].
Alright enough of that crap jargon..

So my journey this week takes me to eyes and SKIN and what to do about increasing some of the loss of elasticity that I am starting to see as a result of weight loss..

Try as I might to give you all a PSA on getting rid of that double chin, I will now share something else that I have recently come across to improve your skin (and eyesight).. Remember this is still an issue for me as well since having received that wonderful news that I can now be known as "cataracts girl".  [please wear your sunglasses if you have light colored eyes].

So here is a blurb about the literature..but the bottom line is that research shows that dietary supplement of lutein may help your eyes and SKIN...  here is the scientific stuff...

A study conducted by Morganti, from the Univ. of Naples and published in the journal of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology edemonstrated that FloraGLO lutein increases photo-protective activity, hydration, elasticity and lipid levels of the skin.  The layman's interpretation can be found here.
If you do choose to explore supplements, please make sure you do your research and buy quality products .. this is not a regulated industry.. so buying from a quality manufacturer is important.

If interested in best manufacturers of high quality lutein.. see here
Obviously I have no financial interest in any of these products .. just interested in the health benefits and sharing the information with you.
Also I need to say that FDA has not evaluated any of the statements made by products indicated in the link, and that these products have not been approved to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. (also know that FDA does not review or approve any nutraceuticals... so vitamins are not within their scope of authority). The minute a manufacturer says their product treats or cures diseases, it falls within FDA authority as a drug product.


  1. Thanks for the head's up on Lutein. I will let you know about Sesame Place soon... thanks for the invite, it would be so great to come by the "Barb's" household for a visit!!!

  2. Lutein huh? Ok I might have to have a hunt around. Need all the help I can get.

  3. You have inspired me to find some lutein, and I am ordering it today for my daily shakes!! Thanks for the info!