02 August 2010

Because It Really Doesn't Matter..

I had a rather crappy day.. and I probably have every reason to be cranky, irritable and out of sorts.

But I am not.
Know why?
I am still applying the Draz's Law of Perseverance, "because it really doesn't matter".

If you have not read this post please visit it..here.. Come Run With Me.

I still go back and read this post when I need to remind myself to not sweat the small stuff and that I can overcome anything. Here is a little snippet from Draz's post..
The theory is – life just *is*…but it doesn’t matter….do what you have to do anyway. It really doesn’t matter if it’s raining – you can still run. It really doesn’t matter if life isn’t fair – you can still live like it is. Nothing matters enough to make me quit or to make me stop learning, growing, thriving and loving. It’s basically a way of taking every excuse for every single part of your life and saying “yah, but it doesn’t matter.” – so get up and get going.

Now don't get me wrong.. I have to work at this.. it is very easy for me to let worry overtake my being.

But what I am accomplishing is  to re-train myself to not let worry lead me to destructive eating habits,  especially when the thing is something that is completely out of my control..

How many of you can relate to this scenario ... the more you let worry invade your mind , you start to think about the what if's, then your stress hormones rise, which makes you start the search for the carb and the crap food that will make it all OK.

No the cookie, or dish of ice cream or the crap food will not make it all OK..

Take a deep breath .. and tell yourself.. good job.. you won!


  1. Good for you... I find that it is in the moment of worry that I have the greatest 'appetite suppression,' but once the crest of worry has fallen-- boom: I'm eating.
    It's a bad habit, but it is literally hormonal in nature, I feel. Sort of like 'relief eating' rather than 'stress eating.' But perhaps that's the same thing.
    Hugs for you cruddy day and hope tomorrow is better.

  2. You're right, it doesn't matter. So glad you're able to step back and look at the big picture (something I'm rarely able to do when I most need to). Our bands are designed to support us in ending the cycle of stress and worry eating, and I'm finding it does help a lot.

    I don't have much else to offer. But I'm sending my warmest hugs and support your way!

  3. I chant the same thing now. It has really become my mantra. Funny how someone writing down a few words can change a life. Thanks for the reminder because "it really doesn't matter" in the whole scheme of things.

  4. Unfortunately, I only remember it on the days you include it in your posts.
    Hope tomorrow is better cupcake.

  5. I had to come back and leave another message because you said I would leave you guys if I got skinny. Never. You all are the reason I am still progressing. It can be done. That is what is so amazing. So you can't get rid of me that easily. I'll always be here to haunt you :-) (and support everyone because it really does matter sometimes).

  6. Thank you SO much for posting this. Yesterday was one of those days, but you know what? You and draz are right...it really doesn't matter. Thanks for helping me move past the stress through your words. Thanks, barbara!

  7. Where are you at Barb??? Come and play in blogland... miss you.