11 August 2010

Oh the Blog World...

Don't know if any one has been following some of the drama in the blog world.
Seems like one "person of interest" has decided to be critical in some of his blog comments and in his own drama blog on the approaches that lap band people have chosen during their journey. BTW, this "person of interest" has not had WLS, I guess he almost had gastric bypass, but has chosen a different path to WL and has claimed to be an authority on eating (and no I did not see any credentials to support his claim below).
I am just stating what he wrote in his blog:
"Everyone has an opinion, and I am not an authority on dieting. I am an authority on eating, and as the band is relaxed and you decide your paths, I can help you with tips on eating."
umm.. no thanks

It really is quite amusing.. and I am glad to see that whatever path he has decided to take (works for him). That is the beauty of the blog world.. to see what is working for some and not others. 
What is odd about his writings is that he projects himself to be fully informed on what the eating patterns and choices for people with lap bands are , I am presuming this is based upon his unpublished research.  I am making this statement because he has recently critiqued a comment I  left on one of our fellow bandsters blog.

As with many of you with a gastric band, I meet monthly with my (board certified MD) surgeon. My doctor, who has confirmed that no food should be off limits as long as you take small bites and chew, has made it clear to me that the  band is a tool to manage food volume, not selection. The food selection guidance comes from that other expert he has working with me (a certified nutritionist).  And this all occurs during our monthly meetings, that have been carefully planned and executed.

My doctors guidance is based on published medical studies that support that eating a balanced diet and maintaining a regular exercise scheme are the keys to  a successful weight control strategy, (and this applies to persons with or without the band).  He advocates six small meals a day and my medically trained authority on eating is a nutritionist (did I mention that she was a trained and certified authority on eating), who has indicated that 1000 - 1200 calories a day is reasonable target, paired with my cardio routine.  All of this  is certainly working for me, I have lost close to 50 lbs, at a slow and steady pace.  All is good, and certainly something I can live with...eating the foods I so desire, without the volume I may have once desired.

I just wanted to follow on with a comment on the concept of balanced eating.
Now if we look at other weight loss programs and strategies, WW, Jenny Craig, etc. they too provide a food selection list that allows their members to include food choices that some one on a very low calorie diet would think were taboo..
But here is the key.. you learn to eat these foods in balance (if you chose to save those calories for the weekend or a special event) then you have learned the key to winning at losing. The gastric band is not a short-term or quick fix, it is something that will be with us (implanted) for a long, long, time.

No ones WL journey is the perfect fit for all.. so to be critical or comical (such as peeing ones pants) invokes the need to hogtie or compartmentalize those comments  as just expressions of opinions (and we all know about those).

Here is what I know for sure:

I know when and how I can eat with the band, and the blog posts from fellow bandsters provide a sounding board to not only share those experiences, but to also share in the challenges anyone faces on a weight loss journey
So, in summary, be amused at the "person of interest" because he has never walked a mile in your OR my shoes.

Be well..


  1. You got it right sister! I blocked the guy and no longer read his rants because they are too negative in my opinion. Now someone like Jack Sh!t-he has some very thoughtful insights and lost weight without WLS or any sort of special diet. So did Drazil. To each his own-I guess there will be lots who care to listen to him-he seems to be wanting to create a reality "show". No thanks. I finally got it right.

  2. Well said, my friend, well said. Love this statement: "eating the foods I so desire, without the volume I may have once desired." EXACTLY!

  3. I blocked him as well, it's a pity because I thought he had an interesting approach to weightloss worth reading until he started ranting. Maybe his own self deprivation is starting to eat at him, (excuse the pun) but that is what happens if we "diet" and allow no indulgences in our healthy eating plans.

  4. Well, the thing about this guy I (and I actually have no idea who you're talking about) is: I could teach HIM the same thing. I've lost lots of weight, lots of times. Losing weight is not rocket science. However, I'd like to talk to him a year from now...or 2...when he's put all his weight back on, plus 50 more lbs and suddenly, WLS is looking more like something that will save him from that over and over and over. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That's mine.

  5. You're my hero! I completely agree with everything you've written.

  6. Barbara I effing love you. This post is stellar! Well said!

  7. I never see this guy but sure hear a lot about him and how rude he is... glad we haven't crossed paths.

  8. Agreed... you have it ALL right girlfriend!

  9. Dag...I was looking for a link until I realized that would be counterintuitive LOL. GREAT post and well said as always!

  10. Very well said Barbara!

  11. Yep. Obviously, I agree with everything you've said!

  12. Amen, sister...you have it right!

  13. Kudos! Great post, perfectly stated.

  14. Nice post Barbara! Somehow I've avoided this guy - thank goodness. I don't believe he know anything more than the rest of us and his true agenda is to cause dramas and piss people off.

  15. Dude...I had no idea you posted this before we e-mailed this morning on this same jackass.
    Nicely said cupcake...as always.

  16. Loves you Barb! I saw that comment and was bothered.
    Glad you got your feelings off of your chest-- and it is really hard for anyone to walk a mile in our shoes without having them on!
    You are doing super great and I appreciate all of your support and love. Onward we go.
    xo V

  17. Well said Barb! I love this post but dont' know who you are referring to!

    Anyway, thank you for all your support during my journey and I'm glad we are walking in the same shoes!

  18. That guy is an idiot! Sounds like he has to much time on his hands and likes to create drama.