10 August 2010


Yes you read that right.
Every night I get up two/three times to P.

I think part of my problem is that I get those snacky urges in the early to mid evening and instead of woofing down indulging in more food for the day, I figure I will just fill my belly with fluids.. to the point of content, but then I just wind up running off to start my little P parade by 1 am.

I don't think I have any medical issues.. it's a concept of fluid in... fluid out    And trying to not take in any more calories in the late evening.  The scale has been bouncing around + - 3 lbs, but I am still in onederland so it doesn't bug me.  Getting past that number was a biggie for me.

So back to my midnight runs..
The other problem is that by the second or third trip.. I start to wake up .. and of course I am thinking with all of this P'ing, I am going to jump on the scale. 
And then I start to do the math for the in between weighing and realize that on average I lose about 0.7 lbs per P.   So on an average night I will drop 2 lbs from "last call" to early rise.

Can you believe that I am doing math in the middle of the night.. I even started to think about the specific gravity of P to determine if it was truly a 1cc to 1 ml ratio.  (don't ask.. this is the crap that occupies my mind during the day and it haunts me in my sleep).

So here I sit before 5 am, with an empty bladder.. waiting for the coffee to brew..
In no way can I eat anything solid.. that isn't possible till around 10 am or so..
I am finding I can only truly eat between 10 am till about 5 pm, after that .. I tend to tighten back up again, and am taking in only soft foods.. and then back to liquids.

It is very strange.. but this has been a consistent cycle for me since my last fill.. It's like the store is open to eat solids only between 10 to 5.. and then on to liquids.

The band has certainly provided good discipline with my eating, and I am fairly regiment Monday through Friday, on the weekend, I tend to be a bit more exploratory, and will eat different food selections (I don't ban anything from my food list) I just don't go crazy (mainly because the band won't allow that).. and I have to respect that part of the deal (or you know what happens).

I have been a bit lapse with the exercise, but have targeted getting in three days of cardio this week. That should be fairly doable.. I have a B trip all next week, with the highlight of hitting the Pottery Barn outlet on the way home.. love that store (as it also carries Williams Sonoma stuff).

So that's my P story..
btw, the specific gravity of normal urine is  between 1.020 to 1.028, which means it is a little heavier than water (makes sense)..


  1. I'm up a couple of times during the night too, and I must admit, I hop on the scale, but math and I don't get along in the wee hours. LOL!

  2. I'm up in the night too, math never ever enters my head though!

  3. I too get up 1 - 2 times for the same reason and occaisionally jump on the scale. No math though...I am not there yet!

    WS and Pottery Barn are my two fav stores...enjoy!

  4. Holy cow! I have no idea how you can do that kind of math during the night. Very interesting though...thanks for the info.

  5. You know, I couldn't relate with you more. I had to limit my liquid at night before the band because I started getting into the same situations. But now with the band, I try to wait as long as possible after eating before I drink, which makes it harder to get enough water in each day, so I find myself "stocking up" towards the end of the night. I also jump on the scale sometimes and that keeps me awake, too... I have had to make myself NOT weigh. But I still get woken up by the trips to the bathroom and usually can't fall back asleep for another half hour or so, sometimes I have to actually get up and get online until I am sleepy again. It sucks, because I have always been REALLY good at sleeping, I fall asleep very easily any other time.

  6. Smile,I also am a middle of the night weight myself type. Though I try to cut down my fluid, so that I am not up too often in the night.

    Salty meals, snacks can make you thirstier in the evenings.

    I've just had a nightmare with a UTI issue which meant I had to drink one litre of water per hour (at least) to keep out of pain. And what went in, came out. Not a night I want to repeat!

  7. That's my smarty pants roomie...doing long division in the middle of the night. Promise you won't wake me up in Chicago to discuss the viscosity of urine.

  8. I'm usually up once per night to go 'p' and often give in to the urge to weigh myself.
    Ha ha-- we're all the same. Sounds like your band is adjusted pretty tight-- I hope it is yielding good results for you and that you are happy as things are!! xo V