27 August 2010

Where is the Letter "E" in my vocabulary

Alright.... I got all of my life sh*t straightened out this week.. and now I have some what of a clear head.
You know that post I wrote about liking my butt.. yeah well .. scratch that.. I think my ass could use a good tweak.
And that is why I need that letter "E" as in Exercise back into my vocabulary.. 
I have done squat  (no I didn't do squats) I haven't done anything for Excercise this week or for the challenge. 

So I need to get Energized and get my Enlarged rear End  Engaged in Exercise.

I am also hoping that a few miles on the treadmill will also release some of the wrath I wanted to bestow upon people that I interacted with this week.   I often find myself on these tcon's at work, speaking with all of the professional cliches "about gaining linearity in our structure", "focusing on six sigma initiatives" all of that corporate BS crap.. when really I want to say... "shut the F up and do your job".. boy that felt good to write that!

Alright off I go to get changed into my Ass grabbing gear and do some Excercise!

PS.. thank you so much to all of the BOOBs organizers. you gals rock.. just an unbelievable Effort (hey that's another E word) into this whole Event (alright I am getting carried away with the E word)


  1. EcEllEnt, EnErgEtic and Engaging! HavE a grEat wEEkEEnd ;-)

    And kick some synergistic butts on that treadmill!

  2. I am sitting here laughing at what you wrote....very ENTERTAINING as usual!

    Wear out that belt on the treadmill...each time your foot hits it, picture someones face under it!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Well, then.

    Have a good weekend. ;)

  4. I love it, Especially your comments on your work mates!

  5. Excellent post, I'll be pounding the treadmill right along with you:)