28 August 2010

VLOG # 4

I now know why I don't do many of these...


  1. I know what you mean about people not quite understanding BOOBS, but WE understand and that's what's important. My dad fought cancer all of last year and I know it's not an easy battle. Hope you have a nice vacation - sounds like a great place. I am also another slow loser and it is frustrating when I compare to others, so I am trying really hard not to compare. Thanks for taking the time to vlog. They are a pain, but it is fine to get to "see" people. I love your hair color and sytle. Very chic.

  2. You look thinner than when we met. I hope you get a good night sleep tonight.
    Please send my and Ed's well wished to Mark...we miss you both.
    I'm still jealous of your tight band. You're losing weight just fine...and it's staying off forever...what's better than that.
    I feel exactly like you as far as "no deadline" to this journey...it takes as long as it takes.
    Yay vacation in the outer banks...I am so excited for you and your whole family.
    Love you babe.

  3. i can't wait to meet you Barb! I am so excited about Chicago... and it's hard to explain that when we meet each other it's like seeing an old friend... like we've known each other for years... *Maria*

  4. It's so good to hear your voice....gosh, I can't wait to hug you!

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  6. Oh, I can't wait to meet you. I do feel like I know everyone, but it's hard to explain to people so I don't try.
    You are the only other person I've heard talk about her neck. It's is really what bugs me the most of all my skin. I have a huge turkey waddle - very aging. :( Bliss makes some neck stuff, I think I'm going to buy it.
    Have a great time in NC - we try to go every year to the Outer Banks, but couldn't this year. We're planning a trip in April(to get the off season prices) - we usually stay South like Salvo, Waves. Where do you stay?
    Hugs to you and Mark.

  7. Wish I was going to be at Chicago:(

    Hope you have a great time on your vacation; the house sounds like it will be great!

  8. We are going to talk sooo much in Chicago. I wish I had the nerve to post a vlog. I'll try to figure one out. I'm up almost everyday now at 3 or 4 am-I think it's the Wellbutrin. Just want to sleep!

    I've got to this place that if it takes me another year to lose 10 pounds, I'm good with that. I already feel so much better and the rest of the way is just gravy (guess I need another non-food analogy).

    Have fun at the beach. It sounds wonderful. I'll wish the hurricanes away for you.

  9. I hear you on the neck situation. I feel like I've got a lot hanging there! You are adorable - I'm a member of the slow loser club too... but like Sandy Lee said today in her blog, if it takes us a long time to lose, that's Ok..
    I really wish I was going to Chicago. So jealous!! AND, your vacation sounds fabulous. MINUS the hurricanes!!

  10. Barbara - You look great! I am keeping your DH in my prayers. Remember, I saved you sunshine & sand on the OBX - I wish you a peaceful and fun vacation!

  11. Love, love, love your voice. My husband overheard you and said "she could be on NPR". That's the ultimate compliment. If this is you having a "look like hell" day then I don't know if I can look you directly in the face on a "good" day - it'll be like looking directly at the sun - too much beauty!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I admit I'm behind on blogs - work has been a nightmare. Why can't they pay me to blog all day?? Yours hubs is in my thoughts. Sending good and healthy vibes his way.

    Can't wait to meet you in Chicago!! xoxo