29 August 2010

Can We Talk...

About Constipation.

It's making me cranky and irritable.
I eat one whole red pepper every day. 
I take a stool softener everyday. 
I bought those Fiber One bars..
and nothing.
I occasionally take fiber supplements..
I am drinking water like its my job.
I am exercising.

I got nothing..
and I think that it's starting to make me cranky..

I am wondering if someone snuck up behind me and gave me a good scare .. if that would work.

I can't eat prunes.. maybe some Castor oil (but oh lord that is going to taste horrible).

I would be interested in hearing what has worked for those that are in a similar state of congestion.


  1. Oh Man! even laxative isn't working? Have you talked to your dr? Sometimes for me a Venti skinny Vanilla latte does the trick.

  2. UM NO - we cannot talk about this subject you turd. Oh shit - I just did it - twice. I have to go puke now. Loves you!

  3. I was a little backed up while on vacation and it wasn't till we came back and I got back on my usual program that I realized what normally keeps me "moving"...it's my morning iced coffee/latte. I didn't have any on vacay but first thing last Monday AM at work, as soon as I finished mine (always with slim milk and Unjury protein powder), evrything was back to normal.
    You're probably already a coffee drinker so this will be useless...but in case you're a tea gal...maybe the coffee can do the trick.

  4. I use Ducolax occasionally. It might work?

  5. BOO! :0 Did that help? Sorry, no suggestions. Haven't had this issue yet.

  6. Those protein drinks did it for me. In fact, I think I should just dump them in the toilet directly as it moves through me that fast.

    I have no problems. I guess I'm weird. And I don't eat a lot of veges or fiber. I do eat yogourt when I need a little something, something.

  7. I have used small doses of Miralax (over the counter) to get things 'moving' when I take anti-inflammatories... those tend to 'back things up.'
    Be careful, that 'shiz' is powerful!!
    When I say small dose, I mean a teaspoon at most (the real dose is a whole LARGE capful. I don't recommend trying that at first.

  8. Miralax is the best thing ever. I take it every single day in my iced tea with lemon {my surgeon OK'd this}. Or, in a pinch, in watered-down apple juice. My mom mixes it in her diet Coke. I've considered putting it in wine but I feel like that's a line I don't think I should cross.

    It's good stuff, though. And it works for me every time. I use the full dose, and have never had trouble with it.

  9. Benefiber in my oatmeal every morning. Oh, and I try to drink more water than the minimum (shoot for a gallon a day, but I don't usually get there). I never had a problem before banding.

  10. My daughter has issues with constipation and we make her a cocktail of Benefiber and apple juice. It always gets her going and this girl has some SERIOUS back-ups.

    For me, corn or cabbage do the trick.

  11. OMG! I so hear you on this one. I would go days without a poop & then it would attempt to come out in rock solid little balls - horrible & painful! I sarted taking a stool softner - one pill 3 times a day & I am finally having more regularity - but it is still little round balls. Sorry if TMI - but this is a something I really struggle with - you are not alone. Try taking your stool softner more than once per day & see if that helps.

  12. I eat humus, black beans or avocado every day, it really works for me

  13. I'll second the Benefiber thing, though you might need something stronger to get things moving again first.

    But I use a heaping tablespoon of Benefiber (or in my case the Wal-Mart generic, so much cheaper!) in my morning tea, and then another later in the day in either more tea or a protein shake.

    I don't like it in cold clear beverages, it takes too long to dissolve. But in hot tea, it just disappears! And in the protein shakes, it just gets blenderized with the rest of the shake. hehe

    I only have a movement every other day since dropping my food intake and upping my protein intake. It took some getting used to, but now I'm like clockwork every other day.

    I ran out of my generic Benefiber last week, and I noticed a distinct (hard and painful) difference within just a few days.

    Oh, and I also drink about a gallon of water a day, which really helps too. :)

  14. I remember when I had to have a colonoscopy they made me drink Fleet Phospho-soda. Oh My GAWD! I would only do that in the case of a backup the size of the great wall of China though. That stuff is Naaaaasty!

  15. emphasizing here.... when i remember i do a benefiber packet 3 times a day and that seems to help. i am so over this problem.... i would love to hear back if you figure it out.