30 August 2010

On the watch..

Well thank you my friends for your sage advice.
Who would have thought that so many of you have faced this dilemma and were so willing to share what has worked!

And how sad is this, that the most exciting thing in my life is the anticipation of a BM

So I have started my action  and
Today I had the following:

2 cups of coffee (with 2 tsp of miralax stirred and dissolved)
1 EAS protein drink

3  1.5 L bottle water

1 red pepper

1 Fiber One bar

1 veggie burger with zucchini on the side.
And  I wait and anticipate.
 It's an interesting anticipation..
not like waiting for the a check from the IRS or waiting for a bus.

It's more like waiting at the dentist office in anticipation of your name being called before a tooth extraction.
You know that feeling
You know that you need that tooth out, and
You know as they yank that mother it's gonna hurt.
Yeah that's what I feel like now!

If the morning does not bring me a brown cow, then I am resorting to more dire tactics.


  1. You. Are. A. Freakin'. Whoot!!!!

  2. good luck-- i lol'd about the brown cow!

  3. Poor Barbara, it's a miserable feeling. Don't be afraid of the Miralax if it comes to that - it's gentle. I tried Dulcolax once and had horrible horrible pains. Never have problems with Miralax.

    I should totally get paid for pushing that drug, shouldn't I?

    Feel better!

  4. Try some flaxseed in your daily diet! that ought to keep you flowing! Best of luck!

  5. OMG... Since cutting out the carbs and friend foods it's much harder to go for me as well... *Maria*

  6. May the brown cow show it's face tomorrow:) Feel better soon.

  7. Colace has become my best friend!!!

  8. I'm ringing the cow bell for ya! LOL! It's kinda like when you have kids...I never counted poops or pee pees until I had a baby and was asked about it every time I took her to the doc. The joys of getting older.

  9. I can't poo either anymore. :(

  10. A brown cow - OMG - I can't handle this much blogging about poop. Barbara - stop. YOu must find a code word....like Skittle or lollipop or tulip. LOL