01 September 2010


First, a big THANK YOU to Jenny, you created a fabulous new header for my blog.. and she actually helped navigate me through the whole setup and centering process.. SHE IS A GEM.. Love ya Jen!

Back in the day, ideal body weight was dependant on your frame size.
We did not focus on BMI, Body Fat % , Lean Body Mass or other conventions to determine your state of health.

We used the Metropolitan Life Insurance Weight Table to determine our fate and weight.

And of course, being a fatty, I always considered myself to be in the "LARGE frame" category, because it made me feel better about my weight.

So, while waiting for Mother Nature to take its course (I will talk about that later), I was perusing some health blogs and came across this little gem.

It is touted to be the most accurate frame size calculator

OK.. so I could not resist to finally use this little tool to tell me the truth.. do I really have a large frame!!

You simply input the following information:
  • Are you male or female:
  • Select your height:
  • Select either Wrist circumference: or Elbow breadth.
Now you are probably wondering what the hell is the elbow breadth.. If you feel your elbow, you can feel from joint to joint a distance.. measure that.. but honestly, you can just use your wrist size for the test.
And VOILA!! the truth be told.
You are considered to have a large frame.

Damn it... I knew I had a large frame, and what's worse, is that for some period during my adolescence I was actually at a normal body weight for my frame size (according to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Chart)
But don't forget.. that is all I had back in the 70's.. that damn chart and a tape measure.. no fancy gadgets, or meters, monitors or anything.. we only had PONG for a video game.. so what do  you expect!!!

Alright now on to less exciting news (and this wording is for Draz).. In sugar gum drop land... the fairy is gonna come tonight, because I am calling in the artillery !!!!  I am buying a FLEETS ENEMA!!!  I can't stand it anymore.. I am miralaxed out of my mind.. I have enough gas coming out of me to launch a space shuttle.. but no space ship is moving!!

And that's all I have to say about that!


  1. Girl, that is the artillery, I hope it all works out (pun intended)! And, I'm big boned too! I always knew it!

  2. You are funny! I just bought some Miralax this afternoon after nearly a week and a half of no "movement". I think I once read that John Wayne's colon had like 13 lbs. of crap in it when he died! I must have nearly that much in there... :-)

  3. Hope everything "comes out" alright...OMG I crack myself up.

  4. Hun, if you don't poo after that I don't know what!

    God speed ;)

  5. oooo honey, hang on tight and get some good reading material...you are gonna need it!

  6. These weight charts make me feel so much better about myself. At my lowest weight (and size 4, atrributable to college and starvation) I was still considered by BMI to be way beyond my nomral weight. This makes so much more practical sense to me.

  7. I hope it all works out for ya Barb!

  8. Good luck cleaning out the gutter... Here's hoping your S%*# don't stink! Now I just have to check out that chart... Big boned, they all tell me, I say just Fat! My bones are literally boney...*Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at mybigfatbandgeeklife.blogspot.com

  9. Ok... I have a large frame too... Wow! Is that good? or bad? I am not sure... *M*

  10. I have very slender wrists (and hands and feet), so the first time I had my body frame calculated with this method, I came up as small framed. Boo!!

    I guess I'll have to see when I get close to goal if it looks like I could go smaller. I just can't see me at 130#, but I guess it could happen! hehehe

  11. Dang, I am a medium frame... yeah I guess that is about right.

  12. OK, I will share my big gun solution, I've only done this twice in my life, but woah - there is a liquid they sell for you to take the night before a colonoscopy - this is the second time I am using that word in tonight's blog comments...you drink it down and stay close to the bathroom - it flushes you out! Enemas are so undignified...says the girl who has actually paid money for colonics...wow am I over-sharing tonight!