02 September 2010

Thousand Word Thursday

Just got home from work..
So I hope I am not too late to participate in Amy's great idea:
Let's celebrate our own beauty and how wonderful we all look with a photo of your favorite feature on your own body.

So I think that this has been stated by many, but I like to think that my smile is engaging
And lo and behold.. I just happen to have a picture of me smiling on my deck!

And I have to say, that no matter my weight, I always like to smile..

AND to make Sandy Lee happy.. I am putting some then and now pics up.

It also is good to remind ourselves of where we started on this journey
And to appreciate how far we have come.
So here I am about 15 months ago when I started to think about the band.
 Fatter, but still smiling :)

There you have it!
As I have said so many times..
I am not blazing trails with this weight loss,
but I am sure happy I chose the path I did.. 
You know why?

Because it gives me something to smile about,
each time I think of all of the friends I have made in Blogland!

Be well


  1. You made me tear up. Yup, your smile will always put a smile on others. Here to many more smiles coming your way.

  2. God Barbara - for real - that top picture just makes me happy. You look so happy - so content in who you are...so at peace with where you are in the journey....I'm so happy to call you a friend....love you dear.

  3. Love love love that first shot! You are really very stunning. The before shot is lovely as well, but you are really shining through now. Congrats!

  4. You look fabulous!! What a difference the loss has made already!

  5. Great smile and great progress!

  6. I love your smile!! It always makes me wonder what you're laughing about. Makes me want to be a part of the joke!!!

  7. You look great and you have a beautiful smile that lights up your whole face!

  8. You have a great smile - you're eyes smile too!