03 September 2010


What the hell did I just do!!!!

I just ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's heath bar crunch.

It has 4 servings per container.  I ate all 4 servings, without a hesitation or second thought.

290 calories per serving  X  4 =  1160 calories

16 g of fat X 4 =  64g of fat.

Because I just got some news that just stressed the F out of me.

I need to go tie my ass to the treadmill, and walk till my legs fall off.

I am totally disgusted. Really.


  1. I'm sorry you are stressed, sometimes we can't help but fall back to old habits in times of stress. Hang in there!

  2. It is over with so my suggestion is to forget about. You can't change it so don't let it control your life even the slightest bit. It is easier said then done I know, but I think sometimes we do this so we can stress about our mistakes vs the other stresses. It is easier to deal with.

    For me I am trying to start over after a stupid mistake. Continue with my program as planned. Don't punish yourself just b/c you goofed. I found that you start to associate exercise with punishment and I just get more ticked with myself. You probably can't burn enough calories anyways and really one slip isn't going to cause you to gain weight. It has to keep happening and if you get into a bad place mentally it may.

    Maybe instead do something you love - not food related ;) - that will burn some calories. Window shopping, a slow hike, or maybe some gardening. I am trying to do this more often. First it gets me out of the house. Second I am less likely to snack since I am out. And lastly the pleasure I get helps get temper the other stress.

    Good luck!

  3. Oh Barbara! I feel for you as lord knows I have done the same thing! I'm sorry you are going through this stressful time and the only advice I can give you is to do what you are doing (not the eating the ice cream part!) move forward and get rid of stress on the treadmill. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. That definitely sounds like something I would do. Shake it off & move on. BTW, I LOVE that flavor too :)

  5. We've all been there before...I hope that wahtever it was that stressed you will somehow be resolved soon. vent out that frustration at the gym and just have a clean slate tomorrow!! :)

  6. Even though it seems to have ticked you off-I say go for it. Sometimes it is just what we need. Besides, I'll take you on and have 3 Rollo ice cream bars to balance it out. And I'm on my second glass of wine. Hope whatever F'd you off settles. You are still a great person, even if you have ice cream dribbling down your chin :-)

  7. I also have to add that when I saw the picture I thought it said Coffee HEALTH Bar crunch so figured it must be healthy if it had the "L" in it! Right?

  8. I agree with a previous poster who said "have at it!" Sometimes you just do what you need to do to feel better. Certainly, we all need to find better ways to cope but sometimes that just ain't happening. So sorry that something's happened to make you feel so stressed. I hope it resolves itself quickly.

  9. These women speak sense, you have a lot going on, be kind to yourself xx

  10. Lady, you have so much going on right now, I think you just need to forgive yourself this one, don't punish yourself and move on. Focus on making some healthy choices for the rest of the day and love yourself. I LOVE YOU!

  11. I love you too baby doll.
    You can't saw sawdust (yes, I'm quoting Dale Carnegie).
    Let it go and try and not do it again tomorrow.
    That's it...oh, did I mention I love you?

  12. Like so many others have said.... we've all been there. Hang in there and put it behind you. The slip-ups are part of the journey too, even though we all tend to beat ourselves up over 'em. You'll rock it right tomorrow!!

  13. one of my favorite motto's "keep calm and carry on" :-)