26 September 2010

BOOBS 2010 - THE EVENT and PIXS!!!

Well, it is so hard to believe it is OVER!!.. But the memories will last forever..
The Sisterhood toasted everyone (present and afar).. to all of our successes.
And yes, the rumors are true, there was talk of doing this all over again (date and place TBD).

So, here are a few pics to add to the stream that have been posted, I have selected a few to take
you all down memory lane and to share with others that we wish were there with us.

Some of us did the architecture cruise down the CHI rivers..
Here is Tess, Sandy, Vicki and Robin.. get ready to head on to the boat.
A Pic of the Riverboat as it heads down the river
It was a chilly day, and we all started out on top (of the boat that is) and were soon cuddled together under the lower deck as the wind and chill took over.

And then it was off for a bit of shopping and getting ready for THE EVENT.

Here is Catherine, Steph and me all Glammed UP

CindyLew and Catherine

Robin, Steph, Sarah, me and Maria
Robin, Carmen, Camille, and CindyLew

AND THE SHOES ON PARADE.. Here is Camille with those uber sexy Stuart Weitzman shoes (sorry Camille, I didn't get the whole shoes, but we got your totally sexy look captured!!)
Now, if I was only thinking, I should have gotten a shot of the sexy shoes that Joey and Mz Draz were sporting!!! perhaps you ladies can take a pix and post, because you were working those shoes with your outfit!!

And so it goes, and tomorrow is Monday (and that is the part that sucks).. but I am sure we will be talking about this one for a long...long.... time!!
Be well


  1. Great Photos!!! Everyone is SO beautiful and skinny! It was a blast and such a pleasure to meet you. Can't WAIT till next year!

  2. OMG... What a friggin' blast! I knew it was going to be fun but what an amazing time we had! I can't wait til next year. *Maria*

  3. So great meeting you in person.

  4. So wonderful to meet you in person - great pictures - I haven't even gotten mine off my camera yet - too much 6 year old snuggling to do last night! :-)

  5. What a wonderful weekend. I had so much fun with you and Cindy, everyone was so wonderful and you are a hoot! I miss you all already!

  6. Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Barb so great to meet you :)

  8. Great pics! Can't wait to see the others!

  9. Soooo jealous...............

  10. Loved meeting you! You looked beautiful!!!!

  11. So lucky you're so close by in case we can't wait until next year.

  12. Barbara, you are just as awesome in person as I suspected you'd be. It was so much fun to see you and spend time together!

  13. OOOH....I'm seriously gushing with jealousy each time I read a BOOB attendee blog and look at pix! I need a BOOBs fix pronto! I wish my schedule would have allowed me to come. I just hate to miss a good party! Especially one filled with bandsters (and wine!)! Thanks for posting all of this!
    BTW...did anyone mention me? Haha. Yeah, well...I had to ask...considering I am drowning my sorrows in a lovely bottle of Chateau de Bonhoste, Bordeaux Blanc.

  14. I am so p!ssed. I didn't get to say goodbye to you and CindyLew before you loft. And then I thought, there are no goodbye's, just an incredible feeling of connection.

    So we will meet again. And we will continue our talking an laughing and fun.

    I am continuing my journey with a renewed vision now in San Francisco. Will post more next week but as everyone mentioned, the BOOBS weekend was exilarating.

    (AND YOU WERE SO GORGEOUS IN THAT LOVELY BLACK DRESS). I need one! So when you grow smaller, promise me you will send it to me.

  15. Barbara! I had a blast chatting with you just a bit... & you looked SMOKIN'! :) Thanks for posting that pic with me in it. I literally have NO pics of ChiTown with me in them. So, I will be heisting that one... hope it's cool. The crazy, surprising thing is that I actually kinda like it! There's one that someone else posted from the River Cruise that I also didn't hate. I guess that's progress for real, eh?!
    Hope to see you at BOOBs 2011! Think I'll hit the spa with you next time!!! :)
    Robin at Band on the Run