01 October 2010

Whirlwind Week

Well, I have been a bit MIA this week.
Because the minute I stepped off the plane from CHI
My week of hell started.
First, I am still decompressing from CHI

I too wanted to make so many more connections, but I am sort of an "ease into it" kind of person.

I have all kinds of Sh*t coming down at work (hence my lying low).  I mean like 16-18 hour days.
I'm wiped out!

Today has a bit of excitement and anxiety planned.
DH gets his first set of results back from the new chemo regimen (definitely nerves on edge).
I get to go to the surgeon for  a "fill/no-fill" decision.
I am torn, I could probably use a tweak, but if he said no, I couldn't argue.
I have a bit of fear instilled because of the recent series of unfills that have been posted.

AND... because tomorrow is our BIG 5K event for TEAM MARK (upper right hand corner of this page) in Philadelphia for the Multiple Myeloma Run.
We have raised $6K in Philly and DH family has a team that ran in Boston two weeks ago and raised an additional $1K.  I will have a bunch of photos to post.
It is such a great event and a good feeling because 93% of the funds go directly to research for new drugs.  It is not one of the "popular" cancers, so most of the research dollars do come from fundraising (which is sad to say).

On other news, we have a friggin monsoon sweeping through the area, we may need to get the ARK out to go to the appointments this morning..enough with the rain already...

I am so loving Sandy Lee's trip to Sonoma and seeing her pictures.. wine, pearls, relaxing,  yeah I would call that a vacation!!

Be well.


  1. How did your run go? I hope the monsoon didn't interfer. And I hope your DH is okay and doing well.

  2. Sending good vibes your way. Keep us posted!

  3. Fingers crossed for the very best news!! xo

  4. Sending you all the good news vibes I can muster. Love you, girl!

  5. Good luck with ALL of it... lots of love and hugs to you.

  6. Sending out the best of vibes for good results. Hope the rain holds off for the 5k-you are doing it right?

    I'm get home on Sunday around midnight (or 9 pm west coast time). Monday morning will be hell as I'll be adjusting to the time change. There better not be a bunch of crap waiting, but then I do work for the government so can just feign being sick. Gooooooood Luck. And miss you already. But the wine is good.

  7. I'm sending good news vibes, too.

    I hope the whirlwind dies down soon and I hope the torrential rains ease up on you guys. Pretty crazy stuff!

  8. Good luck, my dear! I'm thinking of you.

  9. Hey Barb... I'm at my brother's house in Kirkwood... I was hoping to see you but it sounds like your weekend is very full. I am only here for a few days. So email me if you find extra time anywhere... I miss you, Babs! *Maria*

  10. Sorry you had to come into a crappy week after such a great weekend. Schools closed yesterday because of the rain, so we are pretty tired of it too. Keeing fingers crossed for good results for hubby. XO

  11. It was so amazing meeting you! I really hope the DR has good things to tell you! The 5K sounds amazing can't wait to see pictures.

  12. Praying as always for great news on Mark and wishing you well on your run...you'll do marvelously...why??? Because you're Barb.

  13. Good luck on everything!! Fortunately, whirlwinds usually blow through quickly, right? :)

  14. Barbara - you were one of the people that I was so incredible excited to meet. I know we had so little time together but it just reaffirmed how great I think you are and how I wish we had an entire weekend to chat. Sending you lots of love. Hope the results came back in a good way today. Many prayers coming your way. xoxo