01 October 2010


OK so I probably have to explain the title.. I went to see the surgeon today and I was nervous that he was going to say NO (Nein).. but instead he gave me .25cc to bring me up to NINE cc's.

Previously I was at 8.75 cc, and I have to say.. this must be my sweet spot.
Before I was like a nomad.. going from snack to snack in between meals.. always feeling like I needed something (not quite like a crack addict, although I have never been a crack addict).

But honestly, I got my fill and had an EAS shake in my car, kinda thinking I would need to sip sip sip.. about halfway through my drink I felt a little gurgle.. and then quite content.

I just had a 6 oz yogurt and quite content. 
I only lost a pound.. I am a slow loser.. and I attribute part of the weight offset because I was fully garbed in fall/winter attire.. it's chilly here!!  so maybe if I stretch it maybe I did lose 2 lbs (whatever) I didn't gain and that is all I care about.  I don't go back until Dec. 28th.

I like the idea that I don't have that food monkey on my back,  feed me, feed me or that nagging feeling of wanting a banana.. I feel pretty good about this fill.. we will see.

We also discussed overfills, and the doc spoke of the dangers of dehydration (yes I know I read alot of blogs on this).  The guy is pretty decent, he really would like me to get into an exercise routine (yada yada yada).. yes I know doc, here take my knees and you go exercise.. then he encouraged me to do water aerobics.. .. OK.. I will look into that.. honestly, if I am having a hard time getting dry aerobics in, what makes him think I will have time for wet aerobics.. freakin, drying my hair and bringing a towel.. that just ain't going to happen.. I am just going to have to be happy with my jiggly fat ass the way it is..

OK, deep breathe...

On the hubs front, the lovely office screwed up the blood sample and they were not able to get results..yeah thanks for making me have diarrhea for two days straight from my nerves..

OK what else.. oh.. it FINALLY stopped raining.. I mean really how much freakin rain could a tropical storm bring in 24hours. And do you think I remembered to wear my Wellies?  No, I sloshed around in sandals.. ugh!

OK, that's about it for now.. hopefully I will have some good pics from the 5K.. and a big bottle of ALEVE (by the way, the doc told me NOT to take Aleve because it thins out the lining of the stomach and could cause band erosion).. lovely!


  1. I hope this fill is perfect for you! It's an awesome feeling to have food under your control, isn't it.

    So is your hubby having to give more blood or can they work with what they already had? Is the screw up final or is there another attempt?

    Yay for the rain stopping.

  2. Yea for nine - sounds like you are at a good spot. Boo for stupid office screwing up sample.

  3. I think that we have your rain here, I'm about to start constructing an ark!
    Rubbish of the Dr's office messing up the sample, hope that you get it sorted soon.

  4. Oh the rain was horrible!
    9 is awesome - I've been at 9.75 since April. I like the 9's.
    Sorry about Mark's tests. I hope the run goes well tomorrow. xoxoLinda

  5. Oh my sexy gumdrop....I wish for you a big bubble bath of Calgon. I get stress diarhea from worrying about you. LOL

    Loves you!

  6. You have a large band, Barbara? I hope that fill works well for you... takes you through the holidays.
    I'm SO sorry, I didn't have any idea of your husband's MM diagnosis. I pray that the test results get re-run & come back with the results going as you'd hope... also that the 5K went well.
    And, as difficult as it is, that you are stress-free... stay away from too much of that Aleve for sure!
    Robin at Band on the Run

  7. The fill sounds like it did the trick...keeping my fingers crossed.
    Darn human error...hope you get some good news sooner than later. Can't wait for your 5K pics...you'll rock the streets of Philly just like Rocky Balboa.
    Love you...Hi to Mark from Cindy and Ed.

  8. Do you realize that a week ago like right now...we were sitting next to each other having din-din? How cool is that!

    I hope your fill gets you in the green zone! I am tighter this week than last week. I had my fill 2.5 weeks ago! I will never figure this shit out!

    Prayers for Mark...you and he are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. God, I miss you! For reals. You had a major impact on me. I replay our conversation in my head over and over. I often think about your hubs and will continue to do so. Kisses!

  10. Babs! I am glad you may have found your sweet spot. Fingers crossed! And your "jiggly ass" looked pretty good to me. *Maria*

  11. Barbara, you are so awesome. Great news about the fill and the post-fill lovely feeling of ahhhhhh.

    I've taken Aleve liquid gels with tea or something warm, figuring they dissolve faster than regular Aleve. I have no idea whether that's true or not, but it makes me feel better about it.