19 September 2010

I am "Pee My Pants" Happy

Thank you ladies for the reality check with the fashion for BOOBs.
I am getting the sense anything GOES..
I am sure I will blend in with my fashion.. but some of you CHICA's will SHINE!!
And I am thrilled about that.. maybe we do a mock Fashion show after a couple of drinks.
Wouldn't it be fun to have a little catwalk path and have us show our stuff off (especially some of these shoes that will be on parade)  I LOVE THIS!!!
I am in search for leopard heels (that fit my feet)!!
After reading and seeing (thank you Sandy) the outfits .. I feel a bit more consoled.
But this sh*t does tend to freak me out..
And my Chicka Cindylew.. I am going to try to do the carry on thingy.. but I have a steamer trunk just for my makeup!!!!!

I am not going to bring my bikini though.. those little stringy tie things are overstretched and may just POP off if I have to plant that on my ass again..

I am definitely going to do the spa thingy on Saturday morning.. thanks Draz and Gen.. I will see if I can get into that spa.. Linda, did you book yours already??  I am definitely needing a facial to clean off all of the sun exposure from last week..

OK.. now for the "PEE MY PANTS" part.
We got home soooo late last night after the 9 hour drive (my ass is killing me).
I was dreading getting on the scale and walked in circles in my bathroom last night staring down the scale and decided to NOT weigh myself until the morning.
After a week of vacationing.. and yes alcohol was involved in this excursion, I had handfuls of M&M's at a time, as well as other delightful treats.. (and no significant BM's).. so I figured that damn scale would be laughing at me!!!  SO I was not going to subject my self to a PM weigh in..

But when I woke this morning.. it was time to face the music..
AND ... drum roll please..
NO GAIN.. I stayed the same.. and I am grabbing that..
It makes completely no sense to me that I can eat like I did and gain nothing!!!

I am scheduled for my next fill on OCT2..  and I think I have lost like 3 lbs since my last visit, so we will see what the surgeon says.. like I have said before.. WHATEVER with the slow weight loss..

SO LET's CONTINUE THE COUNT DOWN .. yeah baby.. can not wait...


  1. Boobaloobies ha love that!
    Congrats on the no gain!! your amazing!

  2. Now that is a SV! Good for you!

  3. Girl, I missed out on the last post til today. So, I'm chiming in now. I can't wait to meet you, not your clothes! And I don't know what I'm wearing yet either, if I can find a pair of jeans that fit me I'll wear them on Friday with a black top, Saturday either a skirt or black dress, either way, I'm wearing my black skecher wedges, no matter the rest, the feet have to feel good!

  4. I have five sisters and a daughter, and we all love to do a faux "fashion show" after shopping... I think that could be really fun, especially if anyone does any shopping in Chicago. I'm betting the wares there are much different (better) than the malls around MY house...

  5. LOVE THIS WHOLE POST!!! I hope you find leopard shoes - get a leopard purse to match!

  6. Um,,, please fill me in on the spa???

  7. Hey mama...don't forget me in your spa plans. I should be done the walk by around 9:30 so I should definitely have time for a massage before the boat tour. I'll let Gen know I'm interested as well.

  8. Sweeeeet on the no gain! Yay Barb!

  9. BIG Congrats on the no gain while you were away:)

  10. Good for you!! So glad you're feeling up.

  11. That's awesome! OBX was good to me too in the weight department!!!