18 September 2010

I have Renewed, Refreshed, and Relaxed....


Yes... I just can't believe I will be coming off of vacation unpacking and then repacking for

Counting down the days that we will soon all  be meeting 
Arm in arm with my chicka  CindyLew..

Girls we are going to have a blast!!!
I feel like I am waiting for Christmas Morning to arrive.

I have been lurking about blogland, to take a pulse on what everyone
is going to be packing for the trip.

I confess to being an "Over packer".. and just want to get it right.

So a few questions my fellow BOOBs.

First.. weather zone check.. looks like we will be hitting the low 70's during the day
And high 50's at night.. so a light jacket is in order---right??

Now for the details:
Friday night - super casual or not?   I am not going to show up in a cinched Hefty bag,
but come on..please tell me how you plan to dress.
Saturday -  AM.. I am guessing super casual.. I am not going to do the race, but I may try to catch a day SPA treatment ...
Anyone interested in exploring options to get a Facial or Massage??
I know some of you mentioned shopping.. but I think I am going to be
maxed out with space in my suitcase...

Which reminds me CindyLew..
checking bags or carrying on.. (that damn USAIR charges per bag).

Continuing with the schedule..

Saturday afternoon-  Cruising.. so a bit chic on the casual side of things.
Saturday night -- alright this is where I am getting crossed signals... is everyone wearing a dress??
[I am stressing on this one and this is probably going to be where I will over pack]
I tend to change outfits 3 or 4 times before getting it right at home...
Are we going for the Sex in the City look and painting the town!!

Question Number 1:
What will you be wearing  dress or pants?
PLEASE share what will be in your suitcase ...
I read the posts about spanx and Lipo in a box
I can probably squeeze my ass into something, but being mobile is another issue

So Question Number 2:
Are we planning on being very mobile in our heels??

And last, Question Number 3:

And I am serious about this.. who really knows the town?
Are we going to map out trail.. so we at least know where we will be going
(that is if we are going to go off site)..
It's one thing to be Dora the Explorer.. but it's another to take a wrong
turn onto a street at midnight??

So that's about it..
I feel like I have a few things to schedule out during the week:
but it's that hunt for the ultimate Sexy dress or hot outfit that will work for me...
I am still struggling with that one!!!

So Fashionista's.. please do share..

And I am sure we will have a flutter of posts on the continued excitement!!

Be well..


  1. I am wearing a very nice dress for Saturday night. I plan to bring some soft flats and sneak them in my purse because I know my feet will be hurting after a while in my heels. As far as Friday night, I think I will be wearing a casual skirt and top. I will be doing the walk on Saturday morning and then the cruise...so casual for me. I am very excited too! Can't wait to meet you! BTW, I am checking my bag because I tend to over pack and I hate to lug the dang thing around.

  2. Okay - from one overpacker to another - this is my plan. Friday night black leggings, tunic, with boot heels. Pretty casual and comfy. Saturday jeans, boot heels, casual shirt, light leather jacket. Saturday night - fancy dress, snakeskin high heels, light jacket (flip flops tucked in purse cuz my heels aren't made for walking). Jenny (Southern Belle) and Gen are going to the Presidential for massages Sat morning. You could contact them. OH oh and bring your damn bikini so someone can swim with me!!!! And no spanx for me. I paid $5k not to have to wear anything that sucks me in so I'm gonna wing it and PARTY!!! Did that help? Oh and we have a few on the planning committee who know the city very well cuz they live there! Jenny and I want to go to Tiffanys for sure - cuz I've never been there!

  3. I don't own a dress but do have a skirt which I've been thinking about bringing. Straight, plain, black. I can wear one of my frillier tops and these cute boots. But they certainly aren't made for walking! I will try to see if my orthotics fit in them. If not, its black pants, flat shoes and same frilly top. I also have a shrug-that's for Saturday night. Don't think I own heels since I have bad feet. As far as Friday night, casual pant and and a different frilly top. I will be doing the walk on Saturday morning and then the cruise...so casual for me-jeans, white shirt, jean vest. No spanx, girdles for me! You'll have to take me as I am. I'm playing it by ear and following all you people with the lists and plans. Trying to be more spontaneous and just see where things take us. There is always a taxi to get us back to the hotel. We can tuck a few bucks in our shoe just in case. Which reminds me that I need DH to get me some US dollars. So your choice is super dressy or casual. That's me-casual. I will probably check my bag but bring my necessities on the plane (flying United and they don't charge for bags). I must remember my bathing suit, as the hotel has a pool, although I rarely swim unless there is a swim up bar. Maybe the bar will be more comfy.

    My DH is arriving in Chicago on Monday and from there we are flying to San Francisco and Napa so I figure I would try to rotate 4 or 5 outfits. I do want to shop a bit but it may not be until Sunday afternoon. I stay til Monday and know most of you are leaving Sunday. You see we don't have many really nice stores up here in Canada, so hope to find a couple of nifty things down there in Chicago.

    Just had the pedi this morning. Hair cut and dye this afternoon and (face) wax Sunday morning. I feel like I'm getting ready for a wedding or a real special date. But then we are. I'm so excited too! Can barely think about the 4 days of work before I can get outta town next Friday morning. We are going to have so much fun.

  4. OK doll...you need to call my cell when you get back so we can chat.
    First of all, I'm not an overpacker so I'm definitely carry on only...a backpack and a small rolling bag. If you need to check your bag don't worry, I'll stay with you.
    I'm traveling in either jeans or shorts (depending on the weather, and likely wearing that until our Friday night thing. To that I'll wear black dress pants and a flowy blouse.
    Saturday AM I'm in the 5K. I'd love to do a massage with you if you wouldn't mind waiting until after the walk??? If you'd rather go earlier, I won't mind.
    For the boat tour it'll be either jeans or shorts...again depending on weather.
    Saturday night I'm wearing a dress. The neckline requires a criss-cross strapped bra and since I couldn't find one with enough support, my lucky roomie will have the privilege of trying to connect one of those bra strap things on the back of it that moves the straps off your shoulder...lucky you and yes...it's too late to change roomies. If that damn thing doesn't work, I'm going to be screwed.
    Seriously, I'm not looking at packing more than 2 pants, 1 shorts, shorts for the walk, 3 tops, black dress shoes, sneaks, and sandal-type shoes. Also a jacket.
    That's pretty much it....DO NOT STRESS...keep telling yourself everyone can't wait to meet Barb...not her wardrobe.
    If that doesn't work, convince yourself that there's no way you'll be the "best dressed" with 40 other fashionista's going so just concentrate on feeling like yourself.
    Love ya cupcake.

  5. Barbara can't wait to meet you!

    I will prob be jeans and a fun top Friday, a dress, my leopard heels!! and sneakers for walking around the city

  6. Same as Nicole! I cannot wait to meet you Barbara, I've missed you and hope that you had a wonderful vacation.

  7. Me too, can't wait to meet you! I'm wearing a black skirt and some yet to be determined top, and heels, for Friday. Saturday a tight LBD with plenty of cleavage and heels -- and Spanx. Don't ask me about the rest! Yes we are getting massages at the Presidential at 11:30, would love it if you can come along!

  8. Welcome home! I'm in PA right now, can you {feel} my presence? Heading back to Connecticut first thing tomorrow morning, it was a quick trip for my sister's baby shower.

    As for clothes - ay yi yi, I have no idea. Nice jeans on Friday night, probably khakis on Saturday during the day, no idea for Saturday night. That's helpful, right?

  9. I'm trying not to stress about clothes. I've still got a lot of weight to lose so not planning on buying any new clothes for the trip. I will bring an assortment of capris, t-shirts, jeans (thanks Carmen) and a nice pair of black pants with sparkly top for Sat. No heels for me - I'll be wearing wedges.

  10. OK - Friday is super casual (like jeans/leggings). Saturday night is up in the air. The restaurant is nice but not super high end, so pants are fine if that's what you like to wear.

    I'm thinking of going to Bliss Spa (or another good one) for something - let me know if you are interested.

    I know Chicago pretty well, but I know specific places I want to go. I'm not going to wander around. Also, I'm probably not going out too much at night.
    Can't wait to see you.

  11. on friday night i am wearing my "going out uniform" of jeans, nice shoes & black shirt (haven't decided which one yet lol) sat during the day just casual and sat night (i don't do dresses/skirts) so nice pants and top :-) no heels for this girl either!