10 September 2010

See Ya Later Alligator!!!

Now you all know how you are to respond to that one right!!!
      by saying " In a while Crocodile"

Yes my buds, even though I officially have a vacation day today,
the true vacation starts tomorrow.
Now you know this life of mine (drama or trauma)..
could not smoothly transition right into vacation mode..
Cause we have an all day event today at the hospital
as my DH is getting 2 full RBC (red blood cell) pack infusions and chemo..
about 8 hours worth of treatment
[keep your fingers crossed as the blood issues have potential rejection crap to deal with]

we are hopefully off to a full week of unplugging and watching waves crash on the beach, and sunsets,
and just pure (much needed) R&R... 

So I am posting my OOO (out of (blog land) office) Notice and will see you all next week!
Be well...


  1. Hope all goes well with the blood stuff. Have a wonderful time at the beach...sigh...I'm so jealous.

  2. Have a blast, hun! You deserve it!

  3. Have a wonderful time - put all cares aside and enjoy Haterras in all of its glory.

  4. Have a fabulous one...well deserved!

  5. I don't think you can go....I didn't sign your permission slip for this field trip! What am I gonna do without you?

  6. Have an awesome, relaxing vacation, my dear. xoxo

  7. By baby doll...we'll all miss you.
    I just responded to your e-mail on the cruise.
    Book darlin', book.

  8. i hope everything goes well with the DH and enjoy your vacation! *Maria*