08 September 2010

What's for Dinner?

I have to say, dinner is my most difficult meal of the day
So I want to do a reality check with all of you.
It seems to me that my band tightens around 3:00 pm and that has me on alert for dinner selections.

I would like to think my bites are small enough and chewing is complete enough.
And .. I can tell fairly quickly how dinner will settle in my stoma within a few bites.

Maybe I am not being creative enough in my food choices and then I think maybe I should just do mushie foods for dinner.
I try to pick a solid protein (chicken, fish, steak, pasta).

This troubles me, because I seem to be able to eat fairly healthy portions between 10 and 2, and then ZAP.. things tighten.

Does anyone else have this type of experience with their band tightening in the PM?

Once I get stuck.. forget it.. it takes forever to get to a comfortable point (Pbing)
I do find that if I have a cup of coffee, that does seem to clear my stoma (and I do know that liquids are not what we are supposed to consume, but the hot liquid does seem to make it better)

So my question is:
IF you tend to tighten around dinner time, what do you eat?


  1. I'm pretty sure you don't want me to say Cheetos and ice cream here right?

    I loves you!

  2. First of all thanks for the call-out. You are too kind (really!).

    I can usually eat almost anything basically at anytime, although for the past couple of days I am tighter than a drum. Must be the cooler weather. Anyway, maybe try some soup before you eat. Minimal calories and it will fill you up a bit first and maybe the warmth will relax your pouch. I like my home-made cream soups made with skim milk and pureed with my hand blender. Have a great vacation. You deserve it.

  3. I would try to stay away from mushies since it might be too easy to get the calories in. But maybe do something a little less solid. Maybe something like chili that won't just flow through, but should go a little easier. Or do a fish with some type of sauce. A thin tender piece of fish. Or maybe something like pulled pork or chicken - slow cooked with a sauce. All of these things are good protiens, but with a little bit of slider qualities (but not too much).

    I also like Sandy's idea of trying something warm first. You could even do a hot tea instead of soup. That should work like it does for people who have problems with breakfast unless they have a small coffee first.

  4. Interesting. I'm tight in the mornings but better by the evening. Which sometimes ends up with me eating too much at dinner, so I'm probably not super helpful here. I do find that drinking before I eat can help open things up a bit, so maybe have some coffee or tea or broth before you try your solids.

    Good luck, girlie.

  5. Sorry, I don't have restriction yet so really can't help. I know it's not fair to ask you a question when you are asking for help, but when you say that your band tightens, do you actually FEEL your band tighten in your chest or is it that when you try to eat you can't?

  6. I'm with Kristen - tight in the mornings and at lunch but OK by dinner time. (Is 3:00 the lap band witching hour or something? - it's when mine opens up! I can set my clock by it.)
    Try sticking with chili or any protein rich soup. It's my go-to food at lunch. Add some greek yogurt and a little cheese and you're all set.

  7. Thank you for the ideas.. the hot liquids prior to the meal makes sense.. since I have the coffee in the early am.. and that seems to allow me to eat..So I like the hot soup prior to protein..
    @Bonnie, the feeling is not in your chest, it is more of a sense that you get near where your band sits on the stoma that tells you food is not going to move forward. If you push it .. that is where the Pb'ing comes into play.. at first you think ..its ok, I can take one more bite, but then you soon realize..ut oh.. not going through.. and then the fun begins

  8. I am definitely tighter in the morning...when I have really good restriction I cannot eat anything solid until at least noon. Normally dinner is not a problem for me so I am opposite of what you are feeling.

    I like Jens suggestions though...greek yogurt (Chobani to be specific) is my go to protein. I mix the plain with 1/2 cup of Kashi Go lean cereal for a filling and protein rich snack or meal. I also add it to soups and chili.

  9. I am so tight at dinner that I freakin PB like a HORSE! I will have to try the hot water...

  10. This happens to me at lunch time more than dinner but some days it will happen at both. Hot liquids do help (sometimes) but, and I know this isn't the answer you want to hear, I just keep eating. I know that is super bad but I just can't bring myself to put my fork/spoon down just because I am in pain. I am really surprised I haven't stretched my stoma but so far so good. I find that after several bites (in pain) something readjusts and things get better. I think most of my pain isn't so much from tightness as much as it is gas in my stomach and pouch that is trying to push the food out.

  11. B- I'm also tight at night.
    I've had Sleepytime tea (with valerian) at times- and that really helps, it is a relaxant AND the warm liquid.
    But what I do almost every night: a glass of wine. It doesn't always make it possible to have the solid protein, but I enjoy it AND if you like wine, one glass is actually heart healthy AND can relax your band.
    Another thing, which can be bad: sauces or butter. The saucier or fattier the food, the easier it goes down. With me -- since I'm not able to eat alot, I just go for it.
    I am wanting a cup of that tea as I speak now...