07 September 2010

And Now for a Word from My Brain and AN AWARD from SAM

I am really starting to get in vacay mode..
My boss called me this morning all worked up about something and I was like "yeah whatever" in my mind, I am too chicken ass to actually say something like that.

Just 2 more days and I officially start my summer (yes it is still summer) vacation to the  outer banks (OBX). 
We have a great house that will allow us to be close but still have our own space.  Please Hurricanes STAY AWAY!!!

The scale gods are being kind to me and I continue to TRICKLE with my WL.. but it does continue to go down.

So here is my thought for the day.
I realize that body weight is only a number. 
But for some reason we tend to use it to validate our progress
When in reality, there are so many other markers that should be used to measure our SUCCESS. 

For example:
For those of us who are stressful eaters to react or cope with situations,
the true progress and successful marker should be how well we handle stress when it presents to us.
Not turning to food to calm the nerves, or make it all better. Learning how to deal and feel the situation and use some inner strength to work through the issue.

Or perhaps some of us are HAPPY eaters, and just love food,
I mean true foodies and the smell and sight of certain foods is all the trigger we need to want to engage.
Again, just training our selves to divert from the sensory titillation. (yes I just sort of used the word tit there feeling naughty tonight).

So  I am curious to know what you have found to be your (NSV) non scale victories to measure your success.. please do share..

And Now for my Acceptance Speech.

1. Post who gave you this award:

Sam from   Banded4me  was thinking of me. and so I now pass it on..
2. State 10 things you like/love:
  • I love my family; they are crazy, fun and drive me nuts, but I still love them!
  • I love my two Yorkies (Princess Sophie and Princess Chloe)
  • I love my Philadelphia Sports Teams (first my Flyers - hockey and then my Phillies -baseball)
  • I love a good bottle of red wine (particularly when we sit on the deck and sip the evening away)
  • I love structure; I have mentioned this before, but I really like knowing what the plan is; I do not do well in unstructured situations
  • I love a good laugh, whether it is via the movies, a good joke, or some tickling
  • I love the smell of lilacs or a sweet rose
  • I love a hot shower or bath, just to soak and feel the water on my body
  • I love a sweet love song; especially one that ties my emotions together
  • I love a good cry; something that really cleanses my soul and emotions and allows me to move on.
3. Now ...Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment:

Alright Chickie's.. it is hard to limit this to 10 (one reason why I really wish I could write a global award; but I will play along), its hard to find some of you who have not already received this one!!

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I think that's 10.. Now just pass that love along Ladies!!!


  1. Where will you be staying on the OBX? We just booked a house in Duck for next August! There will be 16 of us God help me!

  2. Can't wait for my hug! Thanks Barbara!!!

  3. Good point that we shouldn't link all our success to the number on the scale.

  4. Thank you my Sweet Philly Sista! You are too kind... City of Brotherly Love...What about City of Sisterly Love! *M*

  5. Thanks Barbara! You are too, too kind. xoxo

  6. Thank you lovely, feel all warm and fluffy now x

  7. Enjoy OBX! Best time of year to go there, IMHO... we love it there but haven't been this year... have a great, great time and see you in Chicago!

  8. Awwww..thank you Barbara!! <3 YOU! :)