06 September 2010

Shopping is Killing Me...

DD #2 took me on another shopping journey today..
All I can say is that my feet are killing me, why did I try to be fashionable while shopping??
I got a few things for CHI (so I am excited).
The scale is holding tight (which I am glad for once in my life).

Drama/Trauma continues - I sliced my finger open on the Ninja Blender blades refused to go to the hospital (but I probably should have for suture or two)  and DD#2 gave herself an electrical shock this morning (had mousse on her hands and went to plug in the blow dryer and ZAP!!).  Thank goodness the weekend is over as we seem to be safer during the week.

When we told DD#1 about these events..
all she could say is "Good Lord at this rate we are going to be lucky to be alive for vacation next week".

Speaking of which.. we are finally getting our vacation in.. going to the OBX and can't wait.

I have a fill scheduled for tomorrow but think I am going to cancel..
I find that whenever I get stressed, eating does not go well (at all)..
and I know I am going to be in for a hectic week at work with trying to get things wrapped up..
so why put myself through the fill...
I will wait till after CHI to reschedule.

It's hard to believe in just a few short weeks we are going to all be together..
it seemed like a dream and now it is a reality.

I was thinking wouldn't it be fun to do a cruise together someday as well (maybe a FLA port departure with a little trip around the Bahamas and back)..
How much fun would that be to take the cruise ship crew on with our energy!!

Be well


  1. Omg no more sharp things, ladders, or electricity for your family!

    Cannot believe Chicago is almost here. So excited to meet you, Barbara.

    I totally think a cruise would be fun. Maybe some day!

  2. Wow, your home is starting to sound pretty hazardous... heheh

    Better get yourselves on vacation FAST! :D

  3. Good gosh, be careful woman. We want you in one piece for Chicago. All I can say is if we do a cruise there is no way I could leave hubby behind for that trip.

  4. I would love the cruise... it sounds amazing! I could live on a cruise ship... i hope you enjoy your vacation... and I can't wait to finally meet my Philly Sista in Chi-town. It was a good decision to wait for the fill, it can cause stress being overfilled for a week or so... last fill, I was struggling with PBs and other stuck incidents for like over 2 weeks. No way to spend your vacation or Chicago. *Maria*

  5. I love that your daughter loves to shop!
    Bad things come in 3's, you should be ok now!

  6. Hi Barbara, I just awarded you the 'sweet 101'. Thanks for all your support.

    Just how much shopping can you do:)

  7. Good lord! We should have your house declared a federal disaster zone or something! Pardon my ignorance, but what is OBX?

  8. Be CAREFUL!!! Have a great time in Avon, I bet you can't wait :)

  9. Let me get this straight. DH falls and you rush him to the hospital. You almost cut off your hand and you say, oh well. Hope the bleeding stopped. Have you had a recent tetanus? Do you have antibiotic cream? Do you need antibiotics? (I say this as my cat attacked me two weeks ago and the cuts got infected and I was on 7 days of a strong antibiotic). Just worrying for you before your vacation.

    Glad you have some clothes for Chicago. Was imagining you naked for the weekend. My daughter has volunteered to take me shopping with the one caveat, that I try on stuff she selects. Maybe I'll be naked for the Chicago weekend. Cruise sounds fun, although I've never been on one. I always figure I would puke the entire time. But maybe drinking counteracts that. See you soon.

  10. Dude...I am NOT getting on that plane to Chi town without my roomie.
    You need to be quarantined.
    Go Phillies.