05 September 2010

My Life = Drama or Trauma; You Pick

Some days I fantasize about sitting in a rocking chair and knitting a blanket.
Yeah.. that sounds good.

So.. no worries about any weight gain from that Heath Crunch Ben and Jerry's,
I dropped two pounds.
Makes no sense... right!!
Well let me tell you how I did it.

Obviously from my recent post
 Friday = Bad news which I reacted to by eating that damn ice cream.
Then ...
Saturday = Let's go shopping (the premium shops at Limerick) with DD#2.
We literally shopped till we dropped.
I mean 5.5hours of non stop walking, shopping, trying things on and getting GREAT buys.

So, as we are driving home (1 hour ride),
DD and I joke that there will probably be a wonderful dinner waitng for us, prepared by DH and SIL.
Maybe even a bottle of wine, and a nice evening on the deck..
 If not, we will go to Plan B
Which will be to simply go to a great sports bar and catch the Phils game.
I was hungry.. I basically had nothing to eat all day, and
 the "Food Court" doesn't offer many healthy options other than Smoothies,
which we did grab a regular to hold us over,
 besides that "fantasy" dinner would be waiting for us right!!

Ok, arrive home, SIL and DH had been working on the family room.
SIL has started his own business of home trim finishing and
does fantastic work and he was doing a coffered ceiling in our family room.
Here is a pic of him on the scaffold 18 ft high and on the left "THE LADDER"

So, back to our arrival home..
we walk into the house, and
there is no "fantasy"dinner on the table,
there is no welcome home,
and the scene is .... well quiet
There is husband lying flat covered with ice bags in select spots.
He is not saying anything.
Things do not look pretty (other than the ceiling, which was nearly completed.. updated pictures to follow).
An then reality hits me as the story unfolds,
What was going on.. 
DH fell off the ladder,
Hit the scaffold, and
Landed on the floor.
And there was blood all over him
Luckily, SIL was able to secure him,
Ice pack him and at the time insisted that they go to the ER
but  stubborn DH says no.

Bring on Plan C...
So off to the ER we go.. he looked so bad they rushed us into the exam room
and then xrays and CAT scans and more exams, and more exams, and more exams.. 
The good news is no broken bones (which is a miracle,
given that his type of cancer (myeloma) basically eats bones from the inside out)
so there was definitely an angel on his shoulder and my SIL who took great care of him.

So, ultimately, no food + lots of walking = 2 lb drop.
Now, I DO NOT recommend this for WL.  
And I am very much looking forward to  a normal day..
Enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. Dear Lord, Barbara! Boys aren't so good at these "should I really do this?" judgment calls, are they? I'm so happy to hear DH is mostly unscathed from his fall.

    And the ceiling looks completely awesome.

    Hey, at least the two pounds is a good thing. Hang in there, girl (and maybe don't let your son do any work while you're in Chicago...).

  2. I am so glad your hubby wasn't hurt worse! (2 lbs is 2 lbs! Congrats!)

  3. Wow. All I can say, is the ceiling is going to look amazing. Your DH was just admiring his awesome ceiling when you got home! Hope he is fine.

  4. Scary! I'm glad he is OK - he certainly does have an angel watching out for him. Love the ceiling and love the 2 lb. drop. :)

  5. Holy Shit! What a homecoming! I am so happy to hear that he wasn't hurt worse!

    About your 2 lb loss...that is great. However, I have to confess that the day you ate the whole pint of B & J, I ate about half pint of B & J Peanut butter cup! My visit on the scale shows a 2 lb gain! Just sayin'!

  6. So glad you got your dh to the ER and that he wasn't hurt.

  7. Good God ih heaven. After everyone was okay I would have smacked them both for scaring the hell out of you! Damn - I hope you get to knit a blanket today.

  8. Crikey, you earned both of those pounds. Glad that your husband is ok. Your ceiling looks amazing and very high!

  9. OH Barbara. UGH! You know what though, good for you for not coming back from the ER and grabbing the B&J's. I wouldn't have blamed you if you had. So stressful. Glad nothing was broken. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this but a good friend's five year old has leukemia. Our mantra has become Cancer can SUCK IT. It's great when said really loud over glasses of pinot grigio. Just a recommendation. Love you much, and sending you good thoughts. xoxo

  10. I'm so sorry-- you must have been scared half to death. And afterwards: you probably wanted to KILL him. Egads.
    I am really glad no bones were broken and tell your hubs I said be careful or I will come and give him a beating myself! (Kidding.)

  11. Oh my! Drama and Trauma indeed! Glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been. You're holding it together way better than most, I'd be hitting the B&J too. (though whether it would be Ben & Jerry or Bartles & Jaymes is anyone's guess)

  12. You'd better buy Mark some knitting needles and keep him off the ladders.
    I'm sooo glad he's ok.
    Miss you.

  13. Oh no! Sorry you've had such a rough week. I'm glad Mark was OK considering the fall. I'm actually in awe of how you seem to keep it together - I would be bathing in Ben & Jerry's.
    Thinking of you...

  14. That really sucks, but glad things weren't worse.