11 October 2010

Do You Know the MUFFIN TOP man...

ugh.. the dreaded Muffin Top... aka Belly Fat.

So as I dabble in trying new tighter fitting clothes, I have come to realize that I really need to do something about getting that belly fat  to go AWAY.

But first I needed to really figure out why other parts of my body are slimming down and the belly fat seems to want to stay...
so what does research say about belly fat..
Well.. you can read about it here (I always love to go to Mayo.. good hard facts and easy to read).

But the bottom line for someone my age (and size) is that well.. age does have alot to do with stubborn belly fat.  As we get older, fat does tend to redistribute (hence the need to do exercise that firms up muscles).
Hormones also play a part in it as well, especially as you move from peri to post menopausal stage.
So how fat is too fat...a waist measurement of 35 inches or more indicates an unhealthy concentration of abdominal fat. Some research has shown that a measurement of 33 inches or more, no matter what your weight, increases your health risks.

There have been a plethora of articles warning us about the midsection bulge and consequential health issues (heart disease being a biggie).
The article cited describes the fact that some fat-cell-produce hormones which in turn can promote insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes; others can produce estrogen after menopause, which may increase your breast cancer risk. Researchers are still sorting out how the excess hormones affect overall health, but they do know that too much visceral fat can disrupt the body's normal hormonal balance.

So what to do about it..
Well yes diet and exercise and blah blah blah..but if you think sit ups are the answer you are not up with the latest approach.. You need to attack that fat and loose muscle from two different fronts.

Deeper abdominal muscles. Target deeper abdominal muscles by doing "abdominal hollowing" or "drawing in the bellybutton."
First, get down on all fours.
Let your tummy hang down as you take a deep breath.
Let your breath out, and at the end of your exhalation, gently draw your bellybutton inward and upward toward your spine.
You should feel a slight tightening around your waist — think of it as trying to squeeze through a partially closed door.
Hold for 10 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.
Work up to 10 repetitions.
During each effort, your spine position shouldn't change and you should breathe freely.
Eventually, you'll be able to do this exercise standing up. It's so subtle, no one should be able to tell you're doing it.

The next exercise is something we all probably have done (especially after having babies)
Lower abdominal muscles. Tone your lower abdomen by doing pelvic tilts and pelvic lifts.

To do a pelvic tilt, lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent.
Flatten your back against the floor by tightening your abdominal muscles and bending your pelvis up slightly. Hold for five to 10 seconds.
Repeat five times and work up to 10 to 20 repetitions.

For pelvic lifts, lie on your back with your knees bent up toward your chest
and your arms relaxed by your sides.
Tighten your lower abdomen and
lift your buttocks up off the floor,
with your knees aimed toward the ceiling.
Hold for five to 10 seconds.
Repeat five times and work up to 10 to 20 repetitions.

Alright..who is on board with me to KILL THAT MUFFIN TOP!!!


  1. I love reading your blog Barbara - It makes me feel so SMART! You rock.
    Thanks for the info - I have the same stubborn belly fat. Lots of it. Blerg

  2. I agree with Jen, very nice post, thanks. Oh and yes....I do know the Muffin (top) man, he no longer lives on Drury Lane, he live above my jeans!

  3. love muffins but hate muffin top! :-) adding those to my "routine"

  4. Oh, I have a plan: Tummy tuck.

  5. I know him so well....
    I have built in muffin tops- it doesn't matter what I wear. I'll to check out the exercises. Or just follow Kristin's plan.

  6. Yes, I know the muffin top man. Well. ;)

    Seriously, I wish fat could be spot reduced through exercise. Even after my TT, the only way to get rid of the side rolls will be liposuction. I'm not ready for that yet...

  7. Thanks for pointing me to My Shape-- I'm an "S" by the way.
    Cheers-- hope you're doing well in all ways!!

  8. Someone recently suggested to me that taking apple cider vinegar is good for belly fat. Old wives tale? Couldn't hurt, right?