29 October 2010


Well.. not much has been happening. 
BUT today is my 1 year Bandiversary.. Yeah ME!!

I remember last year the timing was great there was NO temptation at all for that damn Halloween candy, I was in liquid diet mode and nothing was tempting.
This year.. eh.. those damn York Peppermint Pattie devil discs call my name..

In other news...
I have been lurking other blogs out there in BlogLand.
I am in total redecorating mode and my Family Room is going through a complete redo.
I will post pics when all items are complete.. its been fun..
I just love doing this, but don't know if my bank account can afford to go through too many of these
little adventures.

SO.. I found this one decorating website that has quite an impressive list of blogs of people who love to share their ideas
SO with that I leave you the link so if you have interest.. you too can lurk  HERE!!!!

Ciao  mon ami!!


  1. I COMPLETELY know what you mean about the timing with your band! Since my surgery was Tuesday, I'm still on liquids, so no temptation for me this year! But thanks for the heads up next year!

  2. I love restyled home!!!! One of my favorites!

  3. Happy Bandiversary! I love me a peppermint pattie too and they aren't too bad with regards to calories and fat.

  4. Happy Anniversary, girl! You look gorgeous. Post pics of the family room when it's done.

  5. "Devil Discs" - love that! You look fantastic & had a great band year!

  6. Happy Bandiversary! I recently had my one year also and it was a great day for me. I considered writing a blog on LapBandTalk as I don't have a blog of my own but couldn't really think of enough to say! I love reading blogs but when I get right down to writing one all words vacate my brain! Kind of like this comment I'm writing right now! Anyway, Happy Bandiversary to you. If you're like me it was more important and gratifying than any birthday I've ever had!

  7. Happy (belated) anniversary!!! You are incredible and I wanna grow up to be like you! MWAH!

  8. Happy Belated Bandaversary!