30 October 2010


Yesterday I posted that I hit my one year bandiversary.
Being a bit sentimental about the milestone, I couldn't help but go back and reflect on the journey by rereading some of my posts AND your comments
Which, in turn, led me to jump on blogs that I have followed throughout the year.

Many of you are still actively "checking in", but I have noticed that many have also "checked-out".

Hmmm.. that made we wonder.. is blogging a seasonal activity, a fad, something that you start with lots of energy and vigor and then it drops off...
Is this how most things go in our life???
It made me think of things like New Year Resolutions
New Diets,
New Relationships

Do we tend to jump in feet first and then it kind of drifts off..

Are we initially so obsessed with our journey and reaching out and connecting and then as we become accustomed to it all.. it kind of loosens up and then we focus on other things..
I don't know.. but I do hope that for those that have dropped off, that they are still floating around in blog land, lurking perhaps, but not quite at a place where they can post, update or just let us know they are moving along fine..

I also know that these last three months of the year (OCT --DEC) are the weight and diet killers for me.. it officially starts that dreaded "EATING SEASON".. you know, Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, New Years... parties, desserts, buffets.. ugh!!! FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, and more FOOD..
Well hopefully, the band will make a big difference in any of these FOOD engagements and perhaps we can hold each others hand again, like we did last year and get through these FOODIE events.. this time a bit stronger, bolder, and more in control...

Just sayin!!

Have a great weekend, and know that I am thinking about you all!!


  1. I am a new follower - congratulations on your bandiversary. I am being banded in 2 weeks - just in time for the lovely eating season....

  2. HAPPY BANDIVERSARY BARBARA!! You are doing so great.
    I agree that I'm just living more now and less obsessed with the band, but I do need to blog more to be accountable (especially with holidays coming). I'll be around to hold hands with.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Yah blogland has been VERY quiet as of late...I hope everyone is okay too.

  4. Happy 1 year!!! I am one of those who are absent. For me life is just crazy right now. I try to check in a couple times a week, but I only get through a couple blogs at a time. Hopefully things will get settled with everyone so we can join back in!!

  5. Oh Babes - that sucks I missed your bandiversary post. No excuse but too busy to read a lot lately.


    BUT ... I do agree with you. I find that even now a year and half later - whereas before when newly banded I blogged several times a week, sometimes three or four times, now Im lucky if I remember to do it once a week. But I do try.

  6. Happy Bandiversary Barbara! I noticed the same thing - very quiet around here.

  7. I'm a new follower and a new bandster, 34 days out. Congrats on your bandiversary! Busy days often lead to less blog time, obviously. But I ALWAYS try to make time to read in the mornings. Looking forward to reading and catching up on your journey.

  8. I started blogging January 2010 and I definitely noticed that when summer hit it seemed that people blogged less. I know I did too because of being able to get out more, having more social outings, kids out of school, etc. This will be my first holiday season with the band and I'm definitely counting on it to help me out.

  9. Happy Bandiversary Barbara. I too am sorry I missed your post yesterday. I too need to blog more to stay accountable expecially with the holidays coming.

    You have been such an inspiration to me this year. Thank you for blogging, it helps all of us.

  10. I missed your bandiversary post. Bad me. I went to bed early and have only just got back on the computer.

    Yeah for you for making it a year. And I too notice a drop off of people. I just edited down my list even though I see a bunch of people following me, they don't seem to leave a note so I can see who they are. I think it is getting way too busy and the band is taking a backseat. It's becoming part of our life so we do seem to be as obsessed as last year. I was just researching last year at this time.

    Boy does time fly. I'm redecorating too in the basement. DH is getting one of those big projection TV's. That means I get new furniture. Guess I have to keep on working to pay for it all. Now onwards to the 2nd year of the rest of your life.

  11. Hey Barbie...Happy B-day...sorry I missed it.
    It's exactly what Sandy said...life is way too busy and blogging (not so much the band) has become less of a priority.

  12. You are so right! You called me out! I've been a total slacker. I'm hoping that this new Holiday Challenge will keep me focused on what has worked so far. XOXO