07 October 2010

WHAT the H!!!

No .. no.. not that H..

I am an H..

My shape is considered to be an H
All this time I thought I was a pear shape.
But it is not true.

I would like to highly recommend that you visit the website  www.myshape.com
I am not trying to sell you anything.. but rather give you a pleasant experience.

You do have to register first.. but once you do .. they have a feature for you to determine your shape.
Basically you take 11 body measurements.. and plug them in.
The website will tell you your shape and then make some recommendations on styles that look good on your shape.

At first I was skeptical.  Because I stubbornly thought I was a pear shape which they call an A shape.
But when they said I was an H shape, they suggested styles that would look good on me (keep in mind they take into consideration your height, weight, age, style, and so on (based on the information you provide)

Just before CHI.. I was in panic mode trying to find a dress.. I went to this website and found a dress style that they said would look good on me.. unfortunately.. they couldn't ship in time for me to catch my cancelled flight (inside joke).. but I did take the style they suggested and shopped on other sites.. and I'll be damn, that style looked pretty damn good on me.

So .. give it a try and see what you think..
I thought it was worth sharing with you all

Be well


  1. Cool. Gonna give it a try tomorrow.

  2. You definitely wore that friggin' dress well too... Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson. Hot DAMN! *M*

  3. That dress looked fantastic on you! I am going to register today, thanks!

  4. That dress DID look fantastic on you! I'm an E. Who would have thought! I always assumed I was an A. But it says that E's look better in dresses...which is true for this E!

    Thanks for sharing that! It was fun!

  5. Coolio, I'm so checking that out today!