07 December 2010

At Least One Thing is going my Way...

This is a band blog.. so  I am going to try (very hard) to  separate everything else that is going on in my life out of  my posts on this blog.. so PLEASE do not view me as insensitive... This blog is a little bit of escapism for me.. my chance to give my brain a break, to give my emotions a break and allow me to just blog about blah blah blah.. [I hope you understand]....I still post about my real life on the other blog.

So today is day 4 of my new focus on food consumption.. I really don't know what else to call it. 

It is not a virgin liquid diet, but it is also not what I would expect to eat in my normal band life.
But as a brief recap, my eating got out of control.. I mean I went up to 207 after being down in the low 190's.. eating went awry!! 
So Draz, LDSwims and I are doing a bit of sugar detox, modified eating program, jump start, starting a new, call it what you may.
And today is my day 4...
Today was also my fill day..
The good news is I got a really BIG girl fill .5cc, which brings me to 9.5cc's

And I also received some bad news.
My dear sweet surgeon, Dr. Brian Boe (who does my fills) is leaving the practice or rather should I say.. the practice has downsized him.. I am not going to post what he shared with me.. but I am going to be writing some letters.
I know all about the corporate downsizing game, I have been an author and strategic planner of these actions.
So.. the visit that I was so looking forward to my chat with my doc was rather rocked by the news.
He was shocked, I was shocked.. I am pissed.
I loved this guy.. I mean he was the best!!
He is going back to Michigan. 
He said he was so happy that I got in to see him before he left (his last day is on Friday)

On the weight loss front.. I clocked in at the office at 201.6... OK lets do the math
207- 201.6 = (-5.4) in 4 days.  I know that sounds GREAT.. keep in mind allot (if not all of this is water weight).. that and um a good BM...


so, today's food consumption just absolutely sucked... but is goes hand in hand with the rest..

1. cup of coffee w/ ff creamer
2. 1 bottle of water
3. 1 EAS Myloplex protein drink
4. 1 cup of blackberry tea
5. 1 cup of chicken noodle soup (OK I made a big batch of this so I am eating it).

I had the soup after my fill.. and I thought it was going to be .. a baby my band type of meal.. but not so much.
I do feel a bit of gurgle.. but everything is going down just fine.. so who knows..
I am hoping 9.5cc gives me some long lasting restriction..

So that's the band story and I'm sticking to it..
Be well...


  1. Great job getting back on track.

    Sorry about your fill doc. That sucks.

  2. If anyone dare deem you insensitive, Barb, fuck them! Sorry for the truck driver mouth but thats how I feel! If your blog gives you any comfort or escape from what you are going through, good for you! I am glad that you have it for that reason!

    On the band front....good for you again! Your doing great. It sucks about your doc though. I don't know what I'd do if my doc all of a sudden wasn't there for me. I totally get that.

  3. I am on day 2 of the 5 day pouch diet... it's all liquid so I am looking forward to eating something... big time! I am glad you are doing so well, with your diet. I was going to ask you about your doctor since i am moving back and i have to find a new doctor that takes other surgeons' patients. My doctor told me to check Allergen's website to find one that takes the post-banded... LOL

  4. You can write about whatever you want - it's YOUR blog. I'll read no matter what.
    I'm sorry about your Dr. - that sucks. My NP left my practice over the summer and I was so down. Wow - you're up to 9.5! You're going to catch up with me soon.

  5. I'm so sorry your doc is leaving. Tell him to come to Canada. But you know, after this fill, you probably won't need him anymore. So glad you're on a downward trend. Still saying a little prayer for y'all.

  6. Good good loss...you're two full days ahead of me and you're my inspiration! Day two for me - still kicking ass. We can do this!

  7. Change that song from 'It's my party and I'll cry if I want too.' to 'It's my blog and I'll blog what I want too.' LOL. Take care.

  8. I agree with Jacquie!!
    and a good BM..ha Barb you crack me up!
    Hang in there!